Date: 7th December 2006 at 2:51pm
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The club are trying to gauge what song the fans want to see the team run out to before games.

As General Charles Krulak said at the consultation group, Randy Lerner won’t be bothered about the song used, what he will be bothered about is that the team runs out to a song the fans want used.

I did like what one of the chairman of a supporter group said when asked, he said it won’t be an issue was soon we’ll be running out to ‘We Are The Champions!’ but in the meantime, as the first Supporters Consultation Group group is going to meet before the Bolton game, the club are keen to get this issue dealt with as obviously it is a quick fix.

If we can compile some song names in the forum and on article comments, then maybe in the forum or via a poll narrow down what we want to put forward as suggestions, it will be a start. Once Villa get the suggestions via the SCG, they’ll put it to the wider vote on the polling site ‘A Voice In The Crowd’.

I actually don’t think it would hurt to ask the players what they fancy running out to as well, as long as it doesn’t end up some rubbish r&b song, we need the team to come out to a real noisy blast in my opinion!


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  • Get Black Sabbath to record Ghost Riders In The Sky as Holteenders In The Sky

    Hells Bells By AC/DC

    Something loud to come running out to!

  • The Pogues “Fiesta” Quality uplifting and sing along tune for the team to come out to. Da da da da, da da da, da da da da, da da da….

  • Come to think of it, most of the players wont repond to heavy rock, they like thyre R&B more for some reason?…Melberg is the only true rocker amoungst our players (beard to prove)

  • Been thinking a lot about this now, it’s a difficult one isn’t it? people have such varied musical tastes, and the truth of the matter is no-one has ever written anything appropriate for two teams coming out to platy a footie match. Just has to be something stirring to get the hackles up, buggered if I know what it is though…Ride of the Valkaries perhaps?

  • Hi Ho Aston Villa worked an absolute treat against the dildo sales men from Somali Heath. It got the crowd on their feet giving it ‘large’ just as the teams were coming on the pitch. However it needs a better sound system and ideally the words on the screen (unti everybody knows it off by heart) so that the crowd can sing all of it. There is a version especially worded for the Villa. There are so many songs that are real rousing tunes but if nobody does anything other listen, what is the point???? It has to involve the crowd …… get it clapping and singing and on its feet in anticipation of the battle to come. ‘Hi Ho’ worked a treat. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Jerusalem, Land of hope and Glory, welcome to the jungle. None of them will involve the crowd even though they are great tunes.

  • My first thought was Simply the Best by Tina Turner but I think my second instinct was better as it’s far more rousing and intimidating for the opposition, and I’m not the first to say it in this srticle (damn!!!) Thunderstruck by AC/DC with welcome to the Jungle by G’n’R as my second favourite. Just imagine the while crowd chanting the intro befor Barry Leads the team out “WhooaaWhoaWhooaWhoaWhoa – Thunder!” repeated several times. I’ve elready heard 72000 people do this at Donnington in 1991 and I’m sure a bunch of noisy football fans could make just as much noise…..awsome!!!

  • I know this is only used in the FA Cup Final but why not every other week?? Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Emotional, yet uplifting. Just like Walk Alone. The tune in question is……Abide with me.

  • Dixon whilst agreeing Abide with me make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, I think its a little slow and morbid to be running out to start a match with.

  • Hi ho silver lining and Simply the best are unoriginal standards. The idea of your own tune to come out to has to be original and yours only. This is not about an anthem as per earlier debate (which needs continuing) but what to come out too.

    However good or bad (eg Everton altered theirs and the fans demanded it back _ Z Cars!) it has to become ours. There could be endless suggestions which take us nowhere, but without adding to them the Ride of the Valkeries and a nice loud and simple version of Ghost Riders in the Sky already suggested both seem to fit the bill (can we have both – one for the first half and one for the 2nd?!)

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