Date: 30th March 2006 at 10:46am
Written by:

(To the tune of ‘One’ by U2)

Is it getting better?
Or is it still the same?
In fact I think it’s getting worse
And O’Leary is to blame
We say
One love
One club
When it’s one thing we need
To put things right
One love
We all share it
So sod of David
You don’t care for it

Yes you disappoint us
And leave a bad taste in our mouth
You act like we are a small club
What the hells all that about?
Well it’s

Too late
To contradict yourself and put things right
We’re one, but you’re not the same
We need to
part with each other
part with each other

Have you come here to destroy us?
Have you come to make us dead?
Do you think you’re bloody Jesus?
With your bunch of honest men

Did we ask too much?
More than a lot.
You gave us nothing,
Now it’s time to sod off
We’re one
But you’re not the same
Well we
Slag off each other
Then we do it again
You say
The fans are all fickle
The fans are all sugarbags
The fans are all fickle
The fans are all sugarbags
You asked for Djemba Djemba
But then don’t play him
And we need to be holding on
To Mark Delaney
But you are too dim

One love
Claret blood
One club
You got to do what you should
With money
You are scary
Your biggest signing
Is a fairy!
One goal
But we’re not the same
We need to
Get into Europe
Get into Europe

By Deanovilla


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