Date: 6th May 2006 at 12:25pm
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So, the mighty Villa have resorted to making announcements to the fans via the match programme. Rumours suggest that Doug has a cunning plan and will tell us all on Sunday in the final programme of the season. A good way to communicate or another cheap stunt? I’d go for the latter. I’m a shareholder, a season ticket holder and a grumpy old git. The latter probably doesn’t count in this argument however! BUT why should I have to buy a programme in order to have a communication from the chairman?

All sorts of rumours are circulating as to what the announcement will be, with one claiming that even the manager doesn’t know what it is.

My fear is that Doris the tea-lady will be being laid off, but the main rumour, started on a Villa forum in this mad internet land of ours, is that Doug will be standing down and that Peter Ellis will take over UNTIL a takeover can be agreed.

Some are hoping the announcement will be far grander and will introduce potential new owners, but it can’t be that as that announcement would have to go to the City first.

Another possibility is that he will announce that the Comer bid has failed, something that we already know surely?

He might also declare that he is now willing to sell the club and everyone will be happy in the ignorance that he wants an unrealistic fee AND a guarantee that more money will be ploughed into the team. A guarantee that he has never given. Interested parties simply cannot pay what he wants AND provide funds (circa £8million for Bodymoor Heath re-developments) AND £20million or more for the team, that would put us at £90-100million and not even a mega rich ego maniac would throw that much money our way.

He could announce plans for the sale of the land but again, no matter how he spun that yarn, it still wouldn’t be major news.

Maybe he will announce that he is actually going to fund the team re-building by putting some of his money into the club? SORRY, those happy pills still haven’t worn off yet, lets face it, £8million out, nothing in. A leopard doesn’t change its spots (and for the pc amongst us, I have nothing against spots and see no reason why leopards should be victimised for having them. Nor tigers for their stripes for that matter. Live and let live I say, unless you are on death row, then too bad)

There is no way he will be announcing a new manager as some fans are hoping but I guess he could be giving O’Leary the vote of confidence in an announcement? Or will that wait until after Monday when O’Leary meets with the (incumbent) board of directors to explain this season and apparently plan for next.

Whatever is announced, expect plenty of spin to be incorporated and expect many fans to fall for it. Whatever is said will go through the ‘Ellis Towers Bull Filter’ so that everyone fully understands how great the man who would have a stand named after himself (I knew nothing guv’nor, honest) is.

For me, I have a forlorn and impossible hope. I hope he apologises to the fans for the mess he has presided over. Now that WOULD be an announcement. More likely he will declare us the Kings of the Midlands and give himself the freedom of Aston though. 🙁


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  • Maybe we should all buy a programme and once we’ve been disappointed by the news, rip them up and chuck them in protest!!!

  • Well, at least you are getting an announcement,lol. We’ve had lots of annoncements about our new stadium, but most of them are to say that another announcement will be made at a later date. I hope it’s not one of those for you. On a lighter note —- E

  • Or maybe he has decided to have one last season in which he will plough all the money he has into the team

  • like fen says atleast hes still communicating. some clubs dont even have a chairman who can communicate with fans

  • I like your thinking Bobbymsb. We can but hope. Guess I’ll have to buy my first programme of the season.

  • Aston Villa Football Club PLC will cease trading at midnight on 7 May, 2006. All staff, management and players will leave the ground immediately following the game (except for Martin Laursen who cannot be physically separated from the operation table). Du

  • Apparently…its nothing.

    Glensider you’ve just fallen for exactly what they were trying!

  • Sorry, but we have heard it all before what ever comes out of villa now is bull.They have got to realise that we will not stand for it any longer.

  • So what was the big news then, for those of us that can’t get to matches due to living overseas.

  • Well it was worth the £2.50 hey?? I mean just to read the same crap that we have already heard over and over again who can complain at that!?

  • Well the ‘Big News’ I guess was that there was no ‘Big News’. Doug re-iterated exactly what we all knew. The club is on the right track, we’re moving forward with serious intentions, we intend to finish top six next season, win a cup or two, and beat Mans

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