Date: 19th June 2018 at 3:00pm
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The Express & Star are reporting that we are looking to bring back Manchester United defender Axel Tuanzebe for a second loan spell.

The 20-year-old initially joined for six months in January, but his game time was severely curtailed due to an ankle injury.

Fans on Twitter were not too keen on the centre-back returning:


In my view, Tuanzebe didn’t get enough time to show what he can do. Of course, he will need to stay fit, but he is able to play in a number of positions.

He was ostensibly used as a full-back by Steve Bruce in his five games for us, but his favoured role is at centre-half, while he can also play as a defensive midfielder.

With our options at centre-back likely to be limited next campaign, the United defender may be someone that could step up to the plate, even if his initial spell at the club was far from impressive.

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12 Replies to “‘What’s the point?’ ‘Bruce has no idea’ – Villa Fans Not Happy About Possible Return Of United Defender”

  • What’s wrong with Suliman Bruce ???? Good for England and captain his country but not good enough for you!! Back to the buddy club wasting money we haven’t got on unnecessary wages for average players we can’t afford. While you kick our kids in the teeth big them up then slowly but surely they dissapear out of sight. While you buy overpriced old average players. When you leaving

    • In fairness the levels are absolutely different but the irony is Tuanzebe actually has less game experience from a stats point of view – his experience has just come against higher quality.

  • Dont see the problem myself, plenty of fans were happy with Axel when he first joined he was just unlucky to pick up a few injuries. If Suliman was all that he would have played while out on loan at Grimsby last season. Probably no truth in it all anyway, as its a report from the Express & Star

    • Again he was brought in as cover, they survived the drop by 6 odd points – he lost his chance through no fault of his own. That’s not to say he’ll suddenly be a Terry next season, but can’t overly judge. Most fans welcomed Tuanzebe because of Chumps League experience – I’d rather it went to Suliman.

      • Cover or not, if he was as good as some think he would surely have forced his way into a pretty poor Grimsby team. They didnt start picking up points or clean sheets until April. I’d love it if he proved me wrong, but I wouldn’t be confident if he was our CB at the start of next season.

        • Not if they were struggling, manager would stick with tried and tested – we saw it often enough under Bruce when the pressure was on.

          • We will have to agree to disagree on this one, I just feel if he was as good as people think they would have put him in. I’m trying not to get sucked in to all the hype with our U23’s – I’m sure a few of them will be good enough to make the step up, but history tells me that just as many of them will not progress any further than they are now. Didn’t we win some Under 19’s Champions league a few years back? I think Jack is the only one from that squad to have been a success

            • It’s the joy of opinions Gary, I’d rather see our own prosper first and put faith in them to see if they could step up. It would be easy enough to throw the same at Tuanzebe as he didn’t fight his way into our plans either. I’ll write neither off and say either lining up as first choice would be a risk, but if we’re looking for cover, let our own lads provide it.

  • Had one good game – his first. Looks poor, and not worth trying him again. No confidence in Bruce recognising which youngsters can and who can’t do a job. Been there, got the T shirt, and failed to get the automatic promotion his approach 100% demanded. SB is a big part of the reason we are in an almighty mess now.

    • One game away from being out of the crap compared to where we were when he came in. Give him more credit Sten. He might not be our SirAlex but he’s achieved a lot more of a turnaround than most give him credit for because our daft owner decided it was promotion or bust and piled on the pressure before a ball was even kicked because it sounded good in China.

  • Sorry, might sound harsh, but I do equally blame our Owner, Chief Exec, and the Board for taking the gamble that has led us to where we are today. No one in any kind of position at the helm of our great club, including Bruce who wasted millions we clearly didn’t have, should ever sanction, or want to be any part of a promotion or bust approach.

  • And apologies for adding the ‘turnaround’ is something I do give SB et al, all shared credit for achieving – our club is now left in a far worse position.

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