Date: 15th March 2010 at 2:43pm
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I was just having a wonder as to why our attack has been as toothless as a pensionable bear with terminal tooth rot.

If you all remember back only as far as season 2007/08, we scored a phenomenal 71 goals – an average 1.87 per game. This season to date we have scored only 37, at an average 1.37 per game.

Take out those two 5-goal hauls against burnley & Bolton, and that drops to a tame 1.08 in 25 games :/

What puzzles me the most is that, fundamentally, we have the same attack as we did back then.

Ashley, Carew, Agbonlahor and Petrov were our strike force (Petrov was then playing on the right wing). So the question that must be asked is why, with a very similar personnel, can we not hit a crows backside?

So, here’s a few stats: Agbonlahor: 07/08 season – played 37, scored 11 08/09 season – played 36, scored 12 09/10 STD – played 26, scored 11 As we can see, Agbonlahor is playing his part nicely, with a good season on season improvement. surely he isn’t the reason for our lack of goals. He does seem to be improving season on season, and proving his critics wrong. John Carew has hardly featured this season for us in the league apart from as a substitute . (11 goals in 29 games in all competitions seems like a decent enough return to me from someone who is basically a sub!), and as such, only has 4 league goals to his name.

This brings me to Heskey..

Heskey currently has a grand total of 5 goals in 33 games. (3 in the league) For those of you who don’t know, Heskey also plays for villa – he plays upfront though I wouldn’t call him a striker. Clearly, he is one reason why we’re misfiring upfront. Oops, I also forgot – he has an assist too. Sorry, for me, a premier league striker needs to bring more than 4 goals (3 and 1 assist) to the table after 27 games. He just does not contribute to our strike force, sorry to say. To be fair, it’s not all Heskey’s fault.

Ashley (though still playing well) hasn’t been as on-fire this season as he was last season, although he has still contributed 4 goals and 6 assists (10 goals to the team cause in 25 games). I also believe tactics too could be improved. For eg, when Ashley has the ball at his feet with 1 defender to beat, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll go the the byline and cross, whereas sometimes it would be nice to see him beat his man and cut inside and either shoot at goal, or lay it off.

So there you have it. to sum up, it’s all Heskey’s fault!!! :o) Only kidding, but with a very similar lineup to the team that couldn’t stop scoring in 07/08, it does make you wonder!