Date: 26th September 2006 at 4:10pm
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Why have games been reduced to 85 minutes?

Life was good at 4.45 on Saturday. There was 5 minutes of the game left. Ellis is no longer. Villa were 2 goals up and both goals were scored by Villa supporting youngsters who have come through the ranks. We had just heard that the dildo salesmen from Small Heath were losing at dirty Leeds and we were going to remain unbeaten this season.

Including Sunderland last season that is now four home wins on the trot. I moistened the old voicebox and thought lets have a good old sing to get the boys to the end of the game and show our support for what they have achieved under Martin O’Neill. I looked around the stadium and a third of it was empty??????? What is that all about???

Now I know we all have different rituals, but mine is to go to the Adventurers for a couple of pre match beers. Walk up to the game and get in about 5 minutes before kick off. Watch ALL of the game. Applaud (if it has been earned) the players from the pitch. Go back to the pub and get Saturday night on the roll.

Surely the most important part of the game is the last five minutes?

Last season 9 or 10 goals were scored in this period. Why would any supporter not want to watch all the game and then celebrate a victory and applaud the players off at the end??? Those in the Witton Lane Stand seem most at fault, and because fans have to walk down to pitch level to exit, it looks horrendous. I have three solutions.

1. put up the prices by 5% to take into account the 5% of the game that fans are in effect turning their backs on.
2. Lock all the exits (apart from emergency ones) until the final whistle.
3. A direct appeal from M’ON to ask all fans to stay until the final whistle and make the last five minutes the most vocally supportive of the entire game.

Are any visitors to this site guilty of the crime? Can you explain why you would leave early? Avoiding traffic or being first in the pub are not valid reasons either.

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  • I have to agree with you, I sit in the Witton Lane stand and plenty of people leave early. I have never understood it. I regularly see people leaving 5 minutes from the end of games we are drawing, which is the most random of all I think. The game is s

  • I like to stay to the end!!!! Besides which – leaving 5 minutes early still doesnt get you out the car park any faster.

  • the reason people leave early is because of the car park and everyone wants to get away with no hold ups getting away. I always want to stay until the end but the person am with always wants to leave.

  • christo. I am not sure if you are the driver but here are a few solutions. If you drive just tell the other person you are staying to the end or advise them to park somewhere else. If you are not the driver just tell them you have payed for all of the gam

  • I drive in and park at 10mins walk from the ground,and its in a position to not get stuck in traffic, i’m usually home by 5.30, so i stay until the end. what i will say though is that if you walk past witton station at 5 pm you will see a queue just to ge

  • if people say they’re leaving to avoid the traffic then why dont then also arrive 15 mins into the game theres no traffic then, no queues to get in, no queues for refreshements.

    if you’re THAT bothered about the traffic then why not just stay in the s

  • Ive never left a game early and there has been a few I thought I would but I solved them problems like when Chester run the cxonference. my mum was gonna leave right away so what did I do I ran on the pitch with everyone else

  • Never left before the end, never will, just do not understand it, the amount of goals these people miss over the seasons is tremendous, you are there to support your team and to me that is from the kick off till the final whistle, and then I applaud the t

  • Ever tried staying in the stands for a few minutes after the crowds have gone? I guarantee you’ll be forcibly ejected by some Gespapo steward! Perhaps someone at VP should set out some rules for spectators to stay on for up to 15 minutes to allow the crow

  • Bobbyfett makes some good points. I personally (on the off chance I can get to games) never leave before the end. I can remember being 5 or 6 though and going to the Villa with my dad pretty much every home game. He always left 5 minutes before the end –

  • I can kind of understand it in all fairness. Leaving 5 minutes early can realistically cut 45 minutes+ off your journey home. Personally I stay the full 90 mins then walk downstairs and watch injury time on the TV screens. This means I avoid the rush a

  • It appears that we all want to stay until the final whistle. Those who leave early either do not use this site, or are too embarrassed to inform us of their reasons. I have some sort of understanding on the point about kids, but in my opinion it is just a

  • I have a confession…. I leave my seat 5 minutes early.. BEFORE HALF TIME! Getting a Pie and a pint at half time in the Trinity Road is horrendous!

    But I always stay until the end even though I have to stand at Witton Train Station for half an hour wa

  • The game is all about a day out, from when you set off to when you get back home. Like as already been said why come to the game at all if you are going to leave before the end Its just sad people who want to get home for ant and dec!!!!

  • dazza71 thanks for the laugh but at least try and stay in the realm of reality a little bit, surely nobody would leave a Villa match for ant and dec, would they???? I would think only blue noses could reach such low levels. UTV

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