Date: 13th September 2018 at 7:30am
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Sorry this one is a bit delayed, I didn’t get chance on Monday and in hindsight maybe that was a good thing and I was waylaid Tuesday so playing catch up I’ve only just got to this.

On Monday, Aston Villa’s social media team let everyone know that goalkeeper Orjan Nyland was celebrating his birthday.

The former Ingolstadt stopper turned 28-years-old this week and he arrived over the summer on a three-year deal.

Now, I’m not going to pretend he’s hit the ground running and he hasn’t been up to the levels we came to expect from Sam Johnstone. But note the use of the words ‘came to expect’ as Johnstone hardly hit the ground running with errors as he adjusted but Nyland’s critics seem to forget it took him some time to bed in and show his best.

Nyland has shown moments, and goalkeepers will always take the flak from a 4-1 defeat (Sheffield United) but how quickly some seem to have forgotten his performance against Reading.

How quickly some forget he’s settling into a new country, a new club, a new division and is hardly blessed at this moment in time with a fully functioning defence ahead of him and a misfiring frontline.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the opinions – I know for a fact I’ve said worse and been harsher in the moment in the past, but when will some fans realise that tagging a player directly on social media probably isn’t the best way of motivating them?

Thankfully, plenty were willing to offset the balance as can be seen but if I ever reach the stage when I want to shout abuse through someone’s letterbox in effect, I’d be questioning my own life choices.

Not the performance and decisions of someone else.

I thank and appreciate those who made the effort.


3 Replies to ““When Does He Start” “False Advertising” – Some Villa Fans Need To Get A Grip”

  • As the one tweet says, he’ll never settle and succeed if the fans get on his back. Supporters. The hint is in the word. We are meant to support!?

  • Completely agree with the sentiment and the comments re Johnstone’s start.

    But this makes it even more sickening that Bruce got rid of Steer and bought in two new foreign keepers. He should have kept Steer as his early season no. 1 and phased in Nyland once he had settled and was showing his prowess in training. He could have then brought Steer back in if Nyland was struggling to settle. Stupid decisions here as with the CB position, that have cost us points.

  • We destroy so many good players at the start of their Villa career but lord a 38 year old man who so many believe is the savior.
    Crazy Fans at the Villa.

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