Date: 27th December 2010 at 3:14pm
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I know this will stir the hornets nest but here goes……I just wish people would stop putting the blame solely on Martin O`Neill, he didn’t wake up and think ‘I’m out of here’, the board had something to do with this believe me, he would never just walk out at the time he did, something happened!

We still don’t know what, but it was bad enough that he could no longer work with Randy and his gang.

The BOARD bought IRELAND not MON, and I have a feeling that was enough to push him out, how we all laughed when Newcastle brought in Dennis Wise to to deal with transfers over the head of Kevin Keegan, he said no F*****G way, and he left, I believe MON did the same.

Ireland’s ego wasn’t what MON wanted at Villa and he’s been proved right there! The board told us, WE ARE WAITING TO GET THE RIGHT MAN IN! they then p****d about for weeks and then panicked I believe! because ! at the moment we must still be waiting for that to happen, because right now Gerard Houlier does not look like that man.

There has to come a time where we stop putting all the blame on MON and start looking at the setup we now have in place, it’s been almost 6 MONTHS since he left, we all know there was no money for MON to buy new players, so the team we have now is the team MON would’ve had to use!

It looks to me at the moment that unless we win the Champions League then it will be all too easy to keep on blaming MON.

I think right or wrong, now’s the time to move on.