Date: 26th April 2019 at 7:07pm
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I thought with the ever growing confidence amongst Aston Villa fans, not to mention players and manager, that this was too good a twitter video not to share.  All feels very different right now doesn’t it?  I’m just happy to be happy again!

I tell you what, the groom has some guts!

But then, he’s right, isn’t he?! Well, I can’t talk for him mentioning the Villa Captain whilst toasting the bride, but his return has, for sure, had a dramatic impact on our season. I always knew he was good, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be a great. Don’t get me wrong, it was clear he was head and shoulders above most of our players and only Gary Cahill could come close to being described as the best ‘product’ out of our youth academy. However, at times despite his undoubted skill and class, he didn’t always make a massive impact on matches.

Since his return, boom. Massive impact. Dean Smith played an absolute blinder in making Grealish captain on his return and Jack has grown as a player because of the responsibility.

Could not be happier for Jack. A previous article on him:

Jack The Lad – Grealish The Maverick

I remember saying years back when he was photographed being drunk on holiday (I mean, how dare a youngster go abroad on holiday and drink!?) with all the hype around his ‘wrongdoings’ it was totally up to him, Jack the Lad or Jack the Legend.

We know which direction he decided to take.

And hopefully, he’s still having a good drink as well !!

Oh and whilst we are talking about great players, have a look at this thread in the Vital Villa forum. All totally true (legal caveat, not true at all) about Super John McGinn.

Forum thread asking: Is It True John McGinn?

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