Date: 9th November 2006 at 11:37am
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1) Where did it all go right?

I don’t think it was a case of where did it all go right. It was more of a case of Chelsea playing to their potential allied with some very poor Villa defending that opened the game up for us. Losing two of your influential players, through injury helped us as it weakened your defence. We had to put on a show after losing to Sp*rs on Sunday, if we’re going to make an impact in all four competitions we’re going to have to put in some impressive performances and last night was one of them. I don’t think you’ll find a stronger midfield four in the Premiership, possibly Europe, than Makelele, Lampard, Ballack and Essien.

2) Can Villa take any positives from last night?

Yes! If anything Martin O’Neill was right to suggest that it shows just how far Villa have to go to be on a par with the top teams. The unbeaten start to the season perhaps camouflaged some of the old inadequacies that he inherited form David O’Leary. With the January transfer window approaching you can use Lerner’s money to purchase two or three players that will give you some additional class whilst also improving your squad depth.

3) What did you make of the atmosphere and why wasn’t Stamford Bridge a sell out, we brought our full allocation, where were the Chelsea fans?

It was advertised as a sell out although the attendance was only 41,516. We’re plagued by corporate types who buy tickets and don’t show and also touts who try to make a quick gain. Knowing that if you’re caught with a touted ticket you’ll get a life ban from Stamford Bridge is helping to drive them out. As for the atmosphere, nowhere near as good as a European night (Barcelona) but a lot better than normal.

4) Best Villa player on the night?

How much do you want for him? Agbonlahor! A unique talent who has the pace to trouble the best. Shame he didn’t get much support.

5) Will you now go on and win the competition, always better to be knocked out by the team who win the cup, or should that be bought the cup!?

My money is on a semi-final with Liverpool, we haven’t played them for a few weeks. Personally, I’d prefer Sp*rs – time to resume normal service after
Sundays hiccup. As for winning it, I’ll wait and see. Cup football is strange, one bad decision and it can be all over.

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15 Replies to “Where Did It All Go Right – Chelsea?”

  • I think if your poll said, who is ‘Currently the best striker in the premiership?’, then Drogba would easily win. Best striker in Europe at the moment.

  • So it all comes down to one bad decision as to whether they win it or not… I assume that refers to a referee making a bad decision and the fact Manureo is constantly moaning that they aren’t given everything by referees. I’m sure they can buy referees t

  • I do agree that to a certain extent Chelsea have bought success. However, I think I am one of the few who feels that they have deserved all the success they have had so far. Money was thrown at the team under Ranieri and it got them nowhere. It has taken

  • I don’t think you can say they have deserved all the success they have had. Manureo may be a good manager but when you have £210 million behind you, you would be hard pressed not to have some success… unless of course you’re name is Graham Souness. Vill

  • Hoss – It’ll be interesting to hear you opinions when Lerner has given MON a wedge to spend! As for one bad decision I was naturally referring to an honest mistake made by a ref 🙂 Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • A wedge to us is like a crumb to you but at least we are now moving in the right direction and can hopefully challenge the rubel revolution soon 🙂

  • Give them their full due. They are a top notch team, arguably the best in Europe, and I fully expect that opinion to be proven next May. They have quality talent in every area of the field, and a bench full of class players that every other club in the co

  • They have bought everything. They have unsettled top players at other clubs. They constantly moan at refs decisions that do not go their way. The way they obtained Ashley Cole was a disgrace. Because of one mans wealth they can do anything illegal that th

  • They are a good team, made up of good individual players that when they start to play as a team will be the best in Europe but until then they are one of the top teams in the English premier league ONLY! I still do not think that they have enough bragging

  • By the same token Voiceoftheholte, do you really think O’Neill would be at VP if it wasn’t for Randy? No chance. So it works both ways. I can’t understand the animosity towards Chelsea to be honest. From knowing a couple of Chelsea fans and from the lads

  • It’s no point us griping aboun Morinho or anything else connected wuith Chelsea. Without doubt they are a superb team. They’ve set their stall out to be a top club and that they are – we should be aiming to get as close as possible to them, but without ma

  • Geordie. Good points well made… but unfortunately your facts are wrong. There was no problem with Jlloyd. We were made to pay a million for Gareth. But never once have we had to pay hush money. As for Beattie and Keane, transfer bids were put in, all le

  • My point over Barry, Standing and Samuel was that we illegally took them from their clubs at a young age. As for Beattie and Keane, I was referring to your point about unsettling players. I take your point and I agree that the amount of money Abramovich h

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