Date: 10th July 2009 at 9:37am
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Our last poll, suggested by lee9679, asked:

Where do Villa most need to strengthen?

The resounding answer was central defence with 72% of the vote after the massive loss to injury of Martin Laursen.

Next up was 15% saying central midfield following the departure of £areth Barry to Manchester City.

Central midfield 15%

Just 6% said up front which is a shocker as I think we’ve been woefully short of goals for years and that puts pressure on our midfield and more importantly defender and keeper.

Talking of keepers, only 4% saw that area as a priority, although surely some back up is needed after the departure of Stuart Taylor and the comparative inexperience of USA keeper Brad Guzan?

1% voted for a right-back and the same amount for a left-back and only 1% thought a winger was a priority.

Personally, I’d take one of each please and two up front.

Our latest poll, following this report: Carew Out – Crouch In? + Other Transfer Talk!, asks: Crouch or Carew? Options, are errm, Crouch or Carew… obviously…! Or both or neither we need better.


5 Replies to “Where Do Villa Need To Strengthen?”

  • Centre Back is top priority, although a young right back (Naughton) and winger (Delph) would also be nice plus a striker and a central midfielder, lets not forget we have Bouma back so thats two left backs. Oh and a 2nd/3rd choice keeper would also be nice.

  • …and to answer the actual question….. (!) Definitely need a CB unless Cuellar or Davies are prepared to show us their potential and step it up a level. And a goalscoring CM.

  • We need a centre half thats not afraid to get stuck in and chip in with the odd goal. im sorry but Davies has got no bottle. Since Laursen got injured we had no threat from set plays. Cuellar just looks clumsy and Knight is a man mountain who could’nt hurt a fly.
    We need a midfielder with some flair that can score goals although Petrov could do the job but is now preffered to a holding role. And a consistent striker not a score a hat trick in the first game Agbonlahor and think thats enough for the entire season.
    I like Freidel but we will be pushing him on in a wheelchair soon, his best days are long gone time to give Guzan a chance too.

  • Well I believe that we need to strengthen in virtually every position, I really do. Admittedly some positions are more urgent than others, but we need more quality options virtually right throughout the squad. In certain positions we need immediate first team starters, while elsewhere we need quality back-up. I expect a lot more from Messrs Shorey, Sidwell, Cuellar most definitely, and Heskey, but even with those guys firmly stepping up to the plate, the current squad still lacks five, six, seven bodies capable of really pushing the old familiar faces for that prized starting position. Of course whether we’ll get them is another matter, but failure to do so, will in all probability, see us slip considerably from the sixth place spot that we’ve achieved in the last two campaigns.

  • No, you’re not just rambling on Mikey D-Man, you’re talking complete and utter sense. MON needs to achieve that fine balance. Yes, we need quality new arrivals to step immediately into the starting eleven, but we also need up and coming talent to fill out the squad, young players good enough though to seriously push for a starting role.

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