Date: 29th July 2009 at 4:56pm
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Martin O’Neill says the face of football is changing and thinks there could now be a genuine top five with Manchester City pushing in.

To be fair, I still think the top four will be top four… ie apparently football is only interested in the Champions League and strangely judging by the title of the competition… ie CHAMPIONS (like we were in 82) … the top four can be entered.

I’ll digress for two seconds, wouldn’t the Champions League be better titled the Champions And The Three Best Losers League OR why not a league just for champions including domestic Cup winners and UEFA Cup winners (or the Interflora or whatever they’ve re-branded it to this year)… now that would be a Champions League!

Anyway, MON says Man City have build a very strong team and he puts them as his favourites to win the league.

He added, ‘This situation at City reminds me of Chelsea about five years ago – you can have great success if you can accumulate a group of top-quality players over a short period of time. There’s part of me that’s actually quite excited to see how they will do. It’s as if the Premier League has been reinvented.’

However the other part of his is far from excited as he admits to feeling ‘deflated’ by what is going on.

‘You think, ‘Well, you got quite close last year and suddenly another club has just stepped over you’. It kind of punctures you. I’m sure if you asked David Moyes at Everton he would think the same. I would say the top four has become a genuine top five. They’re even seemingly putting it beyond the sides who would be competing within the top four.’

Not sure what to make of the whole thing to be honest. We got a top manager and a brand spanking new owner with much excitement. We’ve managed the top six twice and that is some achievement I’m told by some and average I’m told by others!! Then you look at the way Chelsea had to do things and the way Man City are doing things now and have to wonder… just what is going on in football!?

Only way we can genuinely join them is to join in that sort of spending… same for other teams… all going to be madness isn’t it? Not everyone can throw that much money at players wages without some clubs going bust surely?

So what is left? Personally, maybe a re-focus to cup competitions might be the answer, then again, only the usual suspects make that usually as well and that is because they are making so much money in the Champions League, League placement and tv money, that they have the squads which are just a country mile ahead of the rest of us.

I feel flat… MON feels deflated… how are you feeling!?!

(This isn’t a dig at Villa, our owner or our manager…)