Date: 13th August 2009 at 9:57am
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Vital Villa asked,

As things stand, where will we finish next season?

38% predicted 7th-10th…bad.

21% voted for a consolidation of the last two seasons with a third 6th place win in a row.

16% were positive with a 5th place and 4% even more optimistic with 12%

10% must be expecting 5 top class signings in the next few weeks as they voted 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I’ll have what they are on if I may nurse!

The real pessi’s are few and far between with just 1% saying 11th-17th and 2% 18th-20th…disaster 2%

We asked the same on 20 Jun 2009 before any arrivals:

7th-10th.. bad 54%
5th 11%
6th 11%
11th-17th.. gulp 8%
1st 2nd or 3rd 6%
4th..yay 6%
18-20th..disaster 4%

Our latest poll asks for your Wigan prediction. Just had a hilarious poll suggestion from aussie_avfc, who will be top scorer, Heskey or Andy Marshall! Yam gorra laff!

Interesting article from Janine Self in The Sun arguing this season could be Martin O’Neill’s toughest yet in the league and questioning whether Villa should maybe re-focus on the domestic and Europa Cups.

Obviously, what with me being a genius (cough cough) and all that, I’ve suggested similar, maybe that is where success will come for us, at least in the medium term? One thing is for sure… sadly… without some very big arrivals and soon, we aren’t in the same league as the top two and probably won’t be in the same league as the top four.

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