Date: 7th March 2006 at 2:22pm
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So, following yet another wasted season, Vital Villa thought it would use the poll suggested by message board member Aronno7 and ask:

Where will Villa finish this season?

The options are:

Safe – Just
Bottom half
Mid table
Top half
Uefa cup qualification.

It would take a brave man to predict a late surge into the Uefa Cup. I was going to say stranger things have happened in football, but realistically, our only route to realistically achieve that is now the FA Cup, and it isn’t that realistic to expect that following our woeful first attempt at beating Manchester City! Time will tell on that as the re-play takes place on Tuesday 14 March.

Villa have just 8 wins, 10 draws and a very unimpressive 10 defeats this season and lie in 14th with 34 points. Many experts are predicting 36 points will be the safety line this season, so with 10 games left to play, you’d have to say that relegation is also very unlikely. Looks like just another season of Ellis driven mediocrity with thanks to David O’Leary for his sterling contribution!

Anyway, vote away, let us know where you think Villa will finish.


6 Replies to “Where Will Villa Finish This Season?”

  • Just safe is my bet. Think we have just about enough points on the table to be ok. Got to hope for MAJOR changes if we expect to improve next season though.

  • We will finish between 10th and 12th place. Which will bring another season to a close of under achievement. We may qualify for the U.E.F.A. cup on the strength of our F.A. cup finish. We ain’t out of it yet guys. Which compromises my comment about under

  • I’ve gone for 10th. A nice little run, and some very winnable home games, just enough for DOL to claim its been a successful season!

  • Wonder which optimists are voting for Uefa cup qualification? Surely the manager and Ellis don’t read this site?!?!?! ;-)))

  • I think that Uefa cup qualification is about as likely as getting relegated. Im afraid this is just another season treading water!

  • Prior to the Pompey game I’d have settled for fourth from bottom. Following the 1-0 success in that fixture, my sights are set higher. Realistically 12th or 13th at best.

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