Date: 17th June 2009 at 1:30pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by medzy:

Which Spurs reject would you most like at Villa?

Must admit I don’t see them as failures, there are a few I’d not mind in the team, not mind one bit!

David Bentley was the winner with 57% and despite the confusion since his quotes saying he is in talks with Villa, I think his arrival is highly likely!

Next up was midfielder Jermaine Jenas with 15% of the vote. He always looks decent to me but appears to be a marmite player for the Spurs fans, they either love or hate him.

Tom Huddlestone who is also strongly linked (and some whispers are saying on his way) got 11%

8% didn’t want any saying they were all useless!

Only 6% said Darren Bent despite the fact he is young and on the outskirts of the England set up (which appears to be what MON targets?) and also scored 17 goals last year. More than our strikers that?!

Alan Hutton only got 3% of the vote so is bound to be the player we buy!


19 Replies to “Which Spurs Reject Would You Like At Villa?”

  • Re: “Must admit I don’t see them as failures, there are a few I’d not mind in the team, not mind one bit!” Yeah, but there’s a part of me that thinks if they’re not good enough for spurs then they aren’t good enough for us…

  • Might be a better fit for us and don’t forget Spurs have a much bigger squad than us and seem to have spent more money, so good players not always gonna play in first team.

  • Please can you take Bentley , Jenas , O hara and hudds , maybe you could grab chrissy houghton for you coaching team and maybe change your name to ……….” Aston Hotspur ” taaaaaa daaaaah

  • Yea they probably would want to join us too eastsideyid, after all we are going to europe this season and not via Easyjet like your team!!!!
    Peace Out

    GOD is not a DJ he is MON!!!!!!

  • There is a reason that he failed at Arsenal, Norwich, Blackburn and Spurs. You’ll regret it if you sign him!

  • Rocky7 – yea he was a huuuuuge failure at blackburn wasn’t he. you dope. and as for spurs – old ‘arry decides he doesn’t like someone and thats that – look at his treatment of bent. UTV

  • Rocky7 is right. Small fish in big pond at Blackburn, same as Downing at ‘Boro. Can’t hack it at a big club like ours. Hope he proves me wrong if he comes but very much doubt it.

  • Bentley will have a field day aiming his crosses at Carew and Heskey…the best crosser on earth couldn’t pick out Defoe when he’s standing between 2 centre backs!

  • I think u should change ur name to Aston Hotspur it sound much better and sell ur name rights to Man City with Barry, they buy everything

  • Big fish in small pond even!!!! Good point Varba. Why aren’t the likes of Man City and Chelsea after him if he’s so good? We seem to be linked with all the same players as Spuz and they are always a cut below the top 4.

  • Level on points with Birmingham and Wolves. I’m not sure 38 games is enough to drag yoursleves out of such a mess

  • I really don’t understand the fatal attraction of wide-boy Bentley, who has just spent an entire season doing absolutely f*** all on the pitch for either Ramos or Redknapp and is now relaxing after a season of heavy exertions in his bar and issuing statements like the bimbo he so clearly is. Bad luck Tottenham, but please Villa no, Villa are surely more urgently in need of more strike power to supplement an ageing Carew, a recently non-firing Gabby and the twin joys of an eternally-promising Delfouneso and, erm, Heskey. I would far rather we were to go for Bent. He does seem to stick the thing in the back of the net fairly often.

  • Bent and Bentley. Bent is exactly what we need and totally different to our other options up front (he scores for one thing!). Bentley would be great at VP if we can gaffer tape his gob shut. We need threat down both flanks to give options and Ashley Young some space. If we moved Milner inside he’d give us real threat from midfield and then all we’d need to do is shore up defence.

  • I reckon Bale (When Fit) would be a good addition – getting Bently worries me that Ashley may be departing..

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