Date: 30th March 2006 at 1:27pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Bobbymsb) which want away Villan will be the first to leave this summer?

The majority – with 53% – said ‘more to the point, who will want to stay?’. The Djemba twins were the favourites to depart with 30% of the votes.

10% said Ulises de la Cruz will be off, 4% said Lee Hendrie, just 2% reckoned Mark Delaney and only 1% thought Jlloyd Samuel would be first out of Villa Park.

Time will tell, but I can see some real chopping and changing. IF we get a takeover, the new manager, or newly funded David O’Leary, will surely want a turnover of players?

IF the takeover doesn’t happen, then we may well see a few agents working very hard to get their players out of Villa Park. Whatever happens, it looks set to be an interesting summer. Certainly been no mention of the mythical/magical £20million that Doug usually promises!? Maybe he’ll rely on yet another manager to sweeten the fans up with the promise of the next golden future?


8 Replies to “Which Villan Will Be First To Exit?”

  • When was this poll? I must’ve missed it. Wuuld’ve voted for Uliseez tho as he has already attracted attention and is playing in the World Cup.

  • Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one of our bigger names up and off, possibly Olof Mellberg or Gareth Barry. Otherwise Djemba-Djemba, Hendrie, JLloyd, Angel, and de la Cruz are all sure to be heading for the exit door, along of course with Berson. If I

  • I think Angel will be sold for £1.75m approx. No doubt he will go, no point in keeping the dead wood, watch him score a flurry of goals for some other cr4p side like man city!

  • I wish Ellis and O’Leary were being sold! Id love to have my finger on the button at VIlla Park!! Cherio Dave and Doug!

  • I’d take a million for Angel and 500k each for Djemba and Hendrie and put that £2million towards signing Milner on a permanant deal

  • Yes, agree with DeanoVilla, every effort must be made to secure the signing of James Milner. Then again, will he still want to throw in his lot here if DOL is no more?

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