Date: 22nd May 2006 at 2:29pm
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So, the board and especially Doug Ellis have decided to back David O’Leary and give him the chance to prove that last seasons ‘disastrous’ 16th place was a ‘one off’.

Ok, most don’t agree with the decision but in some ways it might be fair to give him the chance to correct his mistakes, I’d say he will have to start the season very well (as opposed to last years worst start in 35 years) or the fans and the board will be straight on his back.

What concerns me now is who will make the footballing decisions?

David O’Leary has hinted that he would like to buy midfielder Eirik Bakke and the fact that Leeds United failed to gain promotion to the Premiership after they lost 3-0 to Watford in the play offs on Sunday would suggest he may be available.

BUT when Doug was asked about the player he told the Sunday Mercury:

‘He can’t even get into the Leeds side on a regular basis – that’s my answer to that.’

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually agree and think that Bakke is injured far too often. When he did get some fitness he looked useful for Villa but it would be far too big a risk.

However, who makes the footballing decisions? IF you don’t trust your manager and his selections, then why keep him at the football club? The only person choosing players – after being given a budget – should be the manager.

If not, I’d call on Doug Ellis to do what he has always wanted to do and become our manager. Why not, he does everything else (albeit badly)?


5 Replies to “Who Makes The Footballing Decisions?”

  • But the point is Jason, that the manager is meant to manage the team. It isn’t about who WE think should be bought, sold, played or benched. It is down to the manager. IF he isn’t backed, he has to be sacked as far as I’m concerned.

  • Any manager worth his salt would not put up with this type of interferance, especially when it is done in public. Tends to add credance to the view that DOL is only still with us because we cant afford to get rid of him. If he realises that this is the ca

  • I cant imagine for one minute DOL allowing himself to be dictated to by Ellis, when it comes to the buying and selling of players. Things could get very interesting as the summer progresses. Despite the vote of confidence by the board for DOL, I dont thin

  • He shouldnt be getting in the way of transfers, your right, but on this occasion lets hope he has. Signing Bakke would be a mistake.

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