Date: 24th April 2006 at 12:43pm
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With the FA process seemingly taking forever to choose who should be the next England manager (to take us to the semi’s of the next tournament and to have their personal lives splattered all over the tabloids), we thought we would help them make the decision and ask, who should the next England manager be?

Steve McClaren
Big Sam Allardyce
Alan Curbishley
Martin O’Neill
Phil Scolari


17 Replies to “Who Should Be England Manager?”

  • I’d usually go for O’Neill, but I’m hoping to see him walking through the Villa Park gates sometime this summer! Let me dream a little, please!

  • Rumours are suggesting Big Phil is about to get the job, and his odds have been slashed and slashed this morning. I don’t think he can speak English, though…

  • Probably for the best as he cant give interviews then and the NOTW will find it harder to stitch him up 😉

  • Must be Big Phil, I wanted Gus Hiddink but now he’s off to Russia Scolari is the only other candidate with the experience and quality to take on such a big role.

  • I’m with Beovilla, O’Neill would be my favourite but I’m dreaming of him coming to Villa so I had to vote for someone else. Not a fan of any of the others with the exception of Curbishly but I don’t know if he’s a big enough personality for the England j

  • Gus hiddink would’ve been a top man for the job. Think Mclaren’s a certainty now, unfortuantley

  • Agree re: O’Neil, want him at Villa! Would hate Phil Scolari as he can barely speak English, great managerial record or not. I’d personally like an Englishman and so would go for Big Sam.

  • I hope not dan. Apart from O’Neil i dont think any of the others are good enough to manage england YET. I’d be happy with Big Phil though.

  • Phil Scolari Claims to the BBC that he hasn’t even been Interviewd by the FA !
    O Neill for me although we want him at Villa !

  • I think Scolari would be best as none of the others are ready. But if I could have anyone it would be Arsene Wenger

  • I think Scolari would be best as none of the others are ready. But I think Arsene Wenger would be great for the job

  • England versus portugal World Cup quarter final is a possibility, so Scolari would not accept the post before the world cup is over for portugal. It`s only our FA who do things backwards.

  • McLaren. Knows the set-up, doesn’t panic under pressure and has been around for a while. The only thing not going for him is the fact he’s not a media darling; he was Fergie’s right hand man when they did the treble and think he would surprise a few peo

  • I think the FA could be flying kites and they will shock everyone when they make their announcement. Let’s be honest, are the bookies’ odds based on fact or simply the amount of money that’s being put on certain names? As far as I can tell, the FA are bei

  • I’m hoping that it will be Charlton’s Alan Curbishley, to at least rule out any possibility of him taking over at Villa Park, should Ellis decide that enough is very much enough as far as DOL’s reign is concerned. I’ll be surprised if its not McLaren. Its

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