Date: 18th April 2007 at 9:16am
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll mixed with suggestions from Mutt-Man and deano.avfc, ‘who should replace Thomas Sorensen (if anyone)?

21% said we should keep Sorensen.

The majority with 37% wanted Ben Foster, the Manchester United keeper currently on loan at Watford.

Rumoured target, Chelsea shot stopper Carlo Cudicini polled 16% and Celtic / Poland keeper Artur Boruc, also linked, polled 10%.

That left Craig Gordon on 10%, Robert Green a surprisingly low 2% and the following on 1%: Scott Carson, the England Under-21 international who is currently on loan at Charlton Athletic until the end of the 2006/2007 season, Antti Niemi, Tim Howard and Manuel Neuer.

No one voted for Chris Kirkland, Marcus Hahnemann, Ricardo Pereira, or Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann if he doesn’t get a new contract with the Gunners.

Our latest poll asks if Villa were right to let Angel leave?


17 Replies to “Who Should Replace Sorensen?”

  • Cudicini’s 33 – even allowing for the career longevity of goalkeepers, that’s pushing it when we want to develop for the next few seasons to come. I really haven’t seen Boruc enough to comment on him. How about Shay Given? He’s been at Newcastle for eons now and achieved nothing. Would it be unrealistic to think he might be considering his options very carefully whilst they remain under Roeder? But then you have to ask yourself again – would any of these keepers substantially improve what we’ve already got? Questionable.

  • Don’t know anything about Boruc, so why is he the man, educate me!!!? Must admit Cudicini always looks total class in a glass to me.

  • Good point Alec, must admit I hadn’t realised Cudicini was that age, although it could be argued that is prime for a keeper. Can’t see Newcastle letting Given go, without him they may well have been in the relegation zone now.

  • Cudicini, or Niemi everyday for me and yes they would improve substantially on what we currently have.

    others to consider Matt Murray,longer term investment, carson and foster although not sure they will be released , again dont see why we cant try and tempt a top keeper not playing by arranging a cheeky loan , try b4 you buy.

  • I can not believe the views on Cudicini. Not a bad shot stopper agreed, but his command of the box is poor. Why do you think that Chelsea decided to replace him and why no other top club has gone in for him? Seeing him make a few saves on the tv is a bit diferent to watching him every week. If we had him at VP he would almost certainly have the crowd on his back straight away because of his indecision when balls are crossed into the box. TS made a howler on Saturday, but can somebody please tell me when his errors have cost us points this season?? I have never known such a knee jerk reaction.

  • The wigan game for one. Blues lasy year as well as Man City away when JLloyd headed over him. What you are suggesting is that he is only culpable if it goes through his legs. This is of course not the case. A defence that lacks confidence in a keepers ability to command the box do dodgy things. There are rumours (yes I know these can be unreliable) that MON was looking at another keeper because of this issue of lack of command of his area. You are of course entitled to your view but many common-sense fans consider him suspect.

  • Boruc, Boruc, Boruc. How many times have these Boruc fanatics seen him play? I’m not unhappy with Tommy. I think he’s up there with the best that the premiership has to offer, and while admittedly he’s prone to the odd howler, who the hell isn’t (Boruc excepted of course)? Overall I think its stating the obvious to say that Tommy has had a pretty good campaign, and certainly the points he’s won us for vital saves at key times shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • cech dropped a clanger at the’ammers so what?? As long as you score more than you concede its not an issue. Sorrensen is not a brilliant goal keeper but is by no means a bad goalkeeper and if we improve our defending or goal ratio this topic would not happen.

  • Tommy has had his best season to date for us, but he is not a top drawer keeper whatever anyone says , he has in the past dropped far to many clangers blues, sheff utd,man city etc etc and has cost us points and even cup ties.

    we have to be a bit more clinical with our feelings if we want the club to move forward , yes i like tommy and i think a lot of the fans like him but we are in the results business sentiment doesnt come into it, just ask the likes of beckham, ruud, ince who were all bummed out of old trafford!!!

    if we want to challenge at the top we need a top drawer keeper!!! end off

    the top 4 all have better keepers then we do , thats where we need to aim at set your sights high

  • gazvilla it is all about opinions, but Sorenson was fouled for the Wigan goal this season. But if that is the only goal that you think has cost us points then I would say the keeper has had a pretty good season. He wasn’t at fault for the one goal the dildo salesmen scored against last season, although the previous season was a nightmare for him. He has done extremely well to recover from that. As for the goal at Man City I think it was Taylor in goal that night but I am happy to be corrected. So I asked for when he cost us points this season (none) and you can not recall him costing us points in the last two seasons. That is not bad for a goalkeeper. I am not saying that he is the best but he is the equal to the alternatives suggested. It will cost millions to replace him and will not actually gain us many (if any) points. Millions spent on a striker, midfielder and a right back would put plenty of extra points on the board.

  • Voice, I meant the Blues game the year before. As I said previously it’s not about the ones that go through his legs but the general confidence that he gives the back 4, the crosses he fails to come for and the goals we concede from them. I also believe he wasn’t fouled for the Wigan goal. But…. it ain’t down to you and me and whilst he wears a Villa shirt I’ll cheer him on.

  • i agree with gaz, villa would have turned several draws into wins if the confidence in the keeper was there. with 35,000 people in the stadium, we’re not going to hear tommy shouting from halfway up the holte too often, so we dont know how how commanding he is. cant say anything about boruc as i dont know of him, but for me, robert green would be ideal. great shot stopper and it took someone properly decking him to get injured, other than that he’s been ever present for the hammers if i’m right? its hard to see, because he’s been at 2 poor teams, but i stick to my guns. i keep forgetting who carson is on loan from, i know its utd or liverpool, as they both have keepers out on loan, but whoever it is, they probably have plans for him, or he’d be in contention. what you need to look at is – cech is class, but if he was at watford, would they be in the relgation zone? the answer is yes. its the keepers at the poor clubs who you have to look at as they have more to do in a match than say, reina at l’pool, if they do it well, then you have a decent keeper. the flip side of this argument is, they have more to do, so they will make saves in nearly every match, whereas cech has probably had many games where he wouldn’t need to shower afterwards!

  • How old is Niemi, he could be the man. I think he would have to be no2 though. Tommy is not as bad as we all imagine and doesn’t get enough credit for his possitioning.

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