Date: 22nd February 2006 at 5:34pm
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The new poll on Vital Villa is asking who is the best Villa manager from the modern era. The poll was suggested by board member Lee Lindsay.

The options are:

Ron Saunders
Ron Atkinson
Graham Taylor (1st time)
John Gregory
Brian Little
David O’Leary

Goes without saying David O’Leary will be the runaway winner. ;-o


13 Replies to “Who Was/Is The Best Villa Manager?”

  • I cannot believe anyone has voted for O’Leary but 25% have supposedly. Ron Saunders for me purely on the fact he won the championship with a squad of 14 players or thereabouts and it was his team managed by TB that won the European Cup year after. No comp

  • It’s close between Saunders, Gregory, (Racist)Atkinson, Little, they are all great but O’Leary shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as those managers

  • Surely the O’Dreary votes are a joke? Not being old enough to remember Saunders, I had a tough choice between JG and Big Ron but plumped for Big Ron (and don’t give me that racist rubbish!). We played the best football under Ron and he used to excite th

  • Not my favourite manager, but undoubtedly the best on record/performance/achievement alone, stand up Mr. 110% himself, Ron Saunders. My personal favourite, the other Ron, BFR. Played some great stuff under him. Under BFR it was a pleasure to enter VP. We

  • for entertainment value id go for big fat ron.although i think we might just have been onto something special with brian little until he made the gamble with collymore.

  • i dont get all these people who have been voting for gregory, he did well the first season then wasted about 30mil of the clubs money .
    its down to him we have a small squad now

  • Gregory did spend money, but you have to remember he also had to sell players and the net spend wasn’t much different to what any other manager got per season – £4-5million.

  • I honestly believe the JG votes are a reflection of the cyberage. Perhaps some younger viewers who have only real memories of Gregory, Taylor(part 2) and DOL. Given those three to pick from you can understand the JG votes rolling in.

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