Date: 22nd November 2012 at 10:32am
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Well, it is a quiet news day and a thread in Vital Villa`s forum has at least kicked off some passion. So I might as well link to it!

He`sbiggerthanyouandme posted Will we just stand by and let this club sink?:

“As a fan of this wonderful club that’s the question I’m asking myself and I’m wondering how many other fans are too? regardless of who’s fault you think it is, the fact is we’re getting worse and worse every year, nothing this administration has tried is working and the new manager is struggling, we’ve hounded out the last two managers but we’ve had a worst start this year than we did under them, so what’s the message with that? is Lambert a worse manager than Houllier and McLeish? or is the board sucking the life out of this club?

Right now we seem to be accepting the situation because of the tough run of games, but when do the excuses stop? we’ve got another tough run soon against Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs so are we going to sit back and say ‘oh well we never had a chance anyway’ while our club still remains in the bottom three?

Whether you love Randy because he took over from Doug or like Lambert because anything is better than Eck, i think it’s time we PUT THE CLUB we love first now, because what they are doing just isn’t working and we’re being made to suffer week after week, i think we as fans need to start putting pressure on the club, what have we got to lose? an owner that can’t even be bothered to attend games anymore? a manager who is getting outshined by his replacement at Norwich? i don’t think we have anything to lose at all.”


It all gets a bit heated in the forum thread, but hey, at least the passion is there from the fans. Thread: Will we just stand by and let this club sink?

For me, it is totally and utterly the wrong time to even think of protesting and far far toooooo early in the reign of Paul Lambert to be losing our nerve or looking to move him on. I didn`t share the excitement of some this summer and did say that I feared with the sort of purchases we were making, that we might once again be in a relegation battle. However I can see the longer term gains of what they are all attempting. For me, it was just a bit too quick and the main worry is the lack of experience and leadership. The young lads needed some older heads to steer them through surely?

But then, there is January transfer window to look forward to!

It is our worst start in over four decades, however I must say, the positivity of so many fans seems unshaken by this start, looks like Paul Lambert really will get a period of grace. How long for? Depends on results I guess.

Never dull being a Villa fan is it?! The main focus for me is Reading, QPR, Stoke and Wigan games. If we get anything from the other matches, fantastic, but we simply can`t lose those games.