Why Are So Many Football Clubs Sponsored by Gambling Companies?

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One cannot help but see that many football clubs are sponsored by gambling companies that make money on betting and online casino. Many people therefore wonder why many football clubs are sponsored by this particular type of company.

Of course, it is not without reason that many gambling companies have a keen interest in sponsoring football clubs. In fact, there are many reasons why they almost stand in line to get this opportunity.

The Build Brand Awareness

The primary reason many gambling companies decide to sponsor football clubs is that they build brand awareness. This is especially true if they are sponsoring a major football club that attracts thousands of viewers to each of their matches.

At the same time, there are many football fans who like to bet on the matches. It is therefore not just about building brand awareness, but just as much about creating a stronger brand to potential new users.

Therefore, there are also many examples of gambling companies that spend large sums of money on sponsoring football clubs. For example, West Ham is sponsored by BetWay, which reportedly sponsors more than $23 million each year.

Which Football Clubs in the UK Are Sponsored by a Gambling Company?

There are a lot of football clubs in the UK that are sponsored by gambling companies. Among these clubs you will find the following:

  • West Ham: Sponsored by BetWay, a popular betting provider that conducts gambling activities in many countries. They have activities and customers in countries such as the UK, Italy, Malta, and Germany. They are the official shirt sponsors of West Ham and signed their first deal in 2015.
  • Everton: Everton is sponsored by a Kenyan gambling company called SportPesa. They have been sponsored by the company since 2017, when they agreed on a deal that runs until 2022.
  • Newcastle: Since 2017, Newcastle’s official shirt sponsor has been a Chinese gambling company called FUN88.
  • Stoke City: Stoke City is sponsored by one of the largest gambling companies in the world. They are sponsored by Bet365, which is one of the oldest sponsors in the gambling world, having sponsored Stoke City since 2012.
  • Crystal Palace: The current sponsor of Crystal Palace is an online gambling brand named W88. It is a company that offers a wide selection of sports betting, online casino games and live dealer casino. W88 has previously sponsored Aston Villa before Cazoo took over as shirt sponsor.

Will the Gambling Companies Ever Stop Sponsoring the Football Clubs?

There is no indication that gambling companies are going to stop sponsoring football clubs. They will continue to sponsor the clubs until it no longer makes financial sense to them.

There has, of course, been talk of regulating their opportunities to sponsor football clubs, as this may encourage viewers to gamble.

As there are no rules on this yet, it does not look like the sponsorship agreements with the gambling companies will disappear in the near future.

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