Date: 23rd March 2016 at 1:45pm
Written by:

Surely reason enough why, whether he is a good manager or not, he shouldn`t be being linked to the Aston Villa as the next manager. We need a good tough manager no doubt, we need one to sort out the malaise in the dressing room, but we don`t need a nut do we?

Having a go at a reporter (who I`m led to believe was relatively young/new into the trade. No one came to try to help him at the press conference… see Pearson`s total arrogance.

And so Pat Murphy goes to the next one and brilliantly takes him on:

In danger of appearing paranoid and a bully. Didn’t we get rid of some bullies during the Lambert era?

Not for the first time it seems, swearing at a reporter for ‘daring` to ask a question.

Match of the Day calling him bizarre:

Bad language in this one as fans give him some grief and he tells them to **** off and die

Then refuses to apologise:

Thoughts folks? Doesn`t look like the sort of manager who could bring stability does it? Not to me I must say. Looks like a hell of a lot of baggage and an incredible amount of baggage.

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