Date: 10th May 2006 at 11:14am
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Vital Villa asked for grades for the end of season report on our dislikeable manager.

63% graded him F for failure saying he should leave.

6% gave him an E saying he must be sacked.

13% graded him D saying he had a lack of ability.

So we have 82% saying that David O’Leary is not good enough.

The A+ (for O’Leary to vote for only) option had 6% of the votes, so the manager was obviously up or night voting! 2% said B and could do better. The remaining 10% said that he should be given a C- and needs a chance to correct his mistakes.

Me? I’m not sure I care anymore. I think the fans in general are as bad as the board for letting the club down. I know I’ll get slated for that and again, I don’t care. The Trust, VFC, The Shareholders Association and AVISA + others before them have all tried their best to get the protests going, to do things to help fans and shareholders have their say and all most get is a slating and criticised for doing this-that-or-the-other wrong. Fine, we’ve all made mistakes, especially in letting petty personal rows get in the way, but at least each and every one of us have tried to stand up for what we believe. Maybe we really do have the club that we deserve. Sad isn’t it?

WHERE was the anger on Sunday? Our worst ever Premiership season and not one Ellis Out chant, the few who did sing were far too busy singing about Small Heath, a club I couldn’t give a toss about. Who are Small Heath and apart from when we play them, why do they matter? And the fact we have finished 16th surely means we aren’t ‘sh*tting on the City’ we are indeed ‘sh*tting on ourselves’ for not doing something about it.

Yes, the club is up for sale – BUT only on Ellis’ terms and no one will match them. He’s had £8million out of the club, he’s never proved that he has put a penny in. He now wants £20million for his shares despite them not being worth that. That gives the club a value of £64 million. He then says he wants £20million funds guaranteed for the team. WHY? He has NEVER guaranteed or put a penny into team building so why would another group come and pay £84million AND still have to front up another £8million for Bodymoor.

At the AGM, our conniving chairman said he had ring fenced the money for Bodymoor. LIE. The project is now being cut back because the money is not there. Why aren’t people more angry? Has Doug really got us in a check-mate? Do we really think the Comers are still interested in buying Villa? Were they ever? Does Michael Neville even exist?!?!?!

Depressing times, apart from the manager who is on £1.7million (ish) a year and will even be paid for failure should he be axed and the board who are all on good wages and pay themselves a decent bonus for doing nothing but hold our club back. HOW DO THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES AND WHY DO WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT?


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  • J P this is one of your better articles, I especially like the bit about dumping on our nearest neighbours. The one thing that stood out in my mind after the game on Sunday was how poor our chants are. The Holte end have only one real chant and that is di

  • I sense things are coming to a head at Villa. GT has done the decent thing and piled the pressure not on DOL but on Ellis. We all know DOL is an idiot and good riddance once he does go. But fundamentally, Villa isn’t going to change until Doug leaves a

  • It certainly looks like apathy is taking a front seat here. Its a shame, but… the longer things drag on, then the bigger the apathy grows.

  • I agree that many fans are all talk, but the Man City game reflected what could well be an average attendance next year. Enough fans are upset for our gate to dip well below the 30,000 mark on average and that would be a financial disaster for the club.

  • apathy has built up because everything seems hopeless with Doug in such a strong position with his shareholding and because no amount of barracking has ever really affected him.

  • all the protests fall on doug’s deaf years, weve been promised a good summer with the takeover and funds for new players but again its MORE LIES!!!!!…no other club has this mcuh contoversy
    We should do what Newcastle did to oust Souness

  • It hurts the cause in that supporters are never united in their protests or campaigns. Even now we’re a divided lot. Half of the supporters are campaigning for O’Leary’s dismissal, half for the demise of Ellis. Going back to the revolution of ’68, everyon

  • agreed glensider, Ellis has been very very good at his spin from Ellis towers, so fans haven’t ever truly united. The majority want him gone but many feel it is almost impossible to affect the change and so sit down in an apathetic huddle!

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