Date: 10th June 2007 at 6:19pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by voiceoftheholte, who is the Villa youngster to watch next season?

Seems Ashley Young is in vogue as not only has Nigel Reo-Coker said he is a star, but 41% of Vital Villans voted for him.

Next up was Craig Gardner, who seemed to grow in stature towards the end of the season, on 23%

Last seasons Vital young player of the season Gabby Agbonlahor got 12% which I assume means most already think he is now established?

Luke Moore also got 12%.

That left Gary Cahill (a future England defender in my opinion, oh and a potential Villa great) with 4%, Isaiah Osbourne and Steven Davis on 3%, and 2% voted for Other (a little know Villa midfielder I think).

Our latest poll, also asked by voiceoftheholte, who I think is suggesting, if you can DO become a season ticket holder, asks why you aren’t a season ticket holder (yes, I know that sentence is poor English, but I’m late for my tea, so sue me).


17 Replies to “Why Don’t You Have A Season Ticket?”

  • I had one last year with my dad in M2 im 15 and there isnt much singing or anything in the Doug Ellis stand My dad is 30 and enjoyed it. Yesterday i brought my season ticket just me and 3 other mates and we sit in K6 at the monent we are desperate for K4 about row 30ish as we want to be in the main singing and atmosphere my dad might get a season ticket with my mom next year but moneys short at the monent what is the games like in the upper holte? oh and young is the player to watch next year for sure what a player and what a future ahead of hiim! good luck to all the youngesters next year and i hope i will get scouted soon lol and join the academy lol

  • I still think Luke Moore will be the player above all others to establish him-self as a top striker, It would have been brilliant to have had him for all of last season. He would have had the opportunity show what an asset he will be to any team England Included. (once Ginger has gone of course)

  • Kind of sick of this debate and self-righteous attitude. If people have the time, are sufficiently inclined, and more importantly I think have the money, then they will potentially buy a season ticket. If not, then they won’t and will probably just try to make as many games as finances, family circumstances, etc permit. Just because they can’t buy a season ticket doesn’t make them any less of a supporter – in fact the guy that is living on the breadline and still manages to make half a dozen home games per season in my eyes has just as much right to claim to be a true supporter as someone that buys a season ticket because they have heaps of cash and lesser family commitments.

  • I agree with yatesyvillan. I am a season ticket holder because I have the inclination and can afford it. Many people either don’t have or cant afford one. I haven’t always been a ST holder, but I have always been what I consider to be a true villa fan (since the day I was born). Not being a ST holder doesn’t make you less of a fan.

  • I’ll be getting my season ticket in 2 weeks! Just in time to get my cheap Inter ticket. 😉

  • The question isn’t asked with the intention of saying one supporter is better than another. Infact, where in the poll does it suggest this? Those that read my posts will understand that whilst we want as many S T holders at VP as possible, there are many, many reasons why fans can not be. The idea of the poll is to find out those reasons. Maybe the answers supplied could even lead the club to helping those who wish to come to more games. I do find it particularly strange when people get defensive/ aggressive over a very simple question. I do find the prelimanary results interesting though. As the club does better, costs will invariably increase. Kick off times/schedules for clubs in European competitions change more often. Peoples work comittments and where they live will not change. Only 1% say that want the club to do better first. Last season Villa averaged 36,000 ish meaning that the club needs to increase attandances by 15% to sell out every game. So if only 1% extra will come as we do better, where are these other 14%? Fans will still live abroad, fixtures will be more erratic, costs will go up, fans will still have work commitments but if we were challenging for a Champions League spot VP would be packed to the rafters. So where exactly are these fans now, if only 1% are saying they want the club to do better before committing to a season ticket??

  • well i might get one yet, i am planning to go to univesity so the travelling and unpredictable times for kickoff may hinder my chances of getting season ticket, hopefully ill pass my driving test and might be able to get a half a season ticket

  • Just to put another angle on VOTH poll and argument I can say I?ve been going to VP for 30 years now and it?s only over the last 10-15 years that season tickets have really been required or the normal way to enter football games, following the requirement for all-seater stadiums. During this time Villa have been owned and run by the most self centred idiot that has destroyed the core of the club and deterred fans from putting their hands in their pockets to buy season tickets, through his empty promises and total disregard for the fans. Even though I agree with VOTH and his arguments for people to now stop giving excuses and just get of their ars*s and buy season tickets, there has been a whole generation (mainly the kids) put off committing themselves to attending games on a regular basis and buying season tickets. I do believe that in a couple of years time VP will be full to the rafters every week but in the same way we have discussed the future of the team on the field and agree that reaching the goal of challenging for league titles and CL football is a 5 year plan, of which 1 has passed, then on the same level getting fans back to the stadium must be viewed in the same way. There was an upturn in attendances last year and all the signs are this year will be no different. I do believe Randy missed a chance by not reducing tickets further than 5% and thus throwing down the gauntlet to the fans to turn up, but until attendances generally approach 40,000 plus each week there will still be a minority/majority of fans, who will pick and choose games knowing they can do that. However we look at it, the Club has been given a new lease of life and I for one just hope Randy has more business acumen than his predecessor in embracing the people of the Midlands to support the Villa trough the turnstiles.

  • Can only make the Sat games so that cuts out the Sundays and Mondays. Coupled with the odd Sat comittment and it’s not worth the chance. Best young player next year – Mr Young.

  • I’ve had the shoe on both feet, season ticket holder for years, then couldn’t go down for 3 odd years following a brain op, then started going as a season ticket holder again. Never felt any less or any more of a Villa fan when I was/am there or wasn’t there.

  • I’ll be keeping my eyes on all of the youngsters, but particularly Gardner-I think he is going to develop into a very good player. I’ll be watching from British Columbia, though (which is why I don’t have a season ticket).

  • Hoss, you seem to be implying that price is the reason – otherwise ‘Lerner’ would not have missed a trick. Surely the fact is that the price cannot get much cheaper and, if anything, should be higher. Only two clubs have cheaper average prices. One is Wigan, I forget the other. Yes the supporter base needs to be built but this is not a price issue. Its a confidence thing – getting fans to believe that there is a point in supporting the club when for years we never expected to achieve anything. That lack of expectation and a 250 mile round trip is why I stopped getting a ST, picking the games I wanted to go to instead. Yes I have bought a ST for next year for two reasons: expectations are rising and it is possible that tickets for the bigger games will be more scarce. VOTH – the reason why some doubt your motives your motives with this question is that they can remember your past comments implying that irregular supporters should not pass coment on players and other matters.

  • Prices can be as cheap as Randy wants them to be if he so desired. Gate receipts are a small fraction of the overall turnover of a Club when compared to TV revenue and sponsorship generated by the Club. More importantly though a full house each week will have a greater impact on the team than Sky TV showing a live game at 8.00 on a Monday night. This point has already been discussed at length and getting the extra 10,000 bodies into the stadium to give a full house each week must be a major priority and I believe this can be done by reducing ticket prices. If for a couple of years Randy can fill the stadium by reducing prices then demand will rise and ticket prices can then be raised but until then why sit back and say ?prices are cheap enough?, if that was the case then the stadium would be full each week. I lived 140 miles away from the area for 8 years and never missed a home game. I now still have a round trip of 60 miles each home game but still turn up. I would estimate there are probably 5 million people within a 25 miles of VP so attracting a fan base to fill the stadium is not impossible or down to a few supporters living to far away from the stadium. In the current climate Newcastle have won nothing but can sell 60,000 tickets, Sunderland have sold all there season tickets, Derby have already sold their 28,000 season tickets and have applied for permission to extend their ground to 44,000. All these are areas within the country of smaller population and less success than the Villa so it?s not a confidence issue it?s pricing and fans desire to go to games.

  • gordonsleftboot, you may be correct on that. But I would clarify the use of ‘irregular’ supporters. I always stress that many people find it impossible to go to all games, that is life. However I believe it is impossible to judge a players performance from tv and press reports, and those supporters who do, should keep their opinions to themselves. I also understand this will not happen because everybody is entitled to their opinion. Personally though I have no interest for anyones thoughts on player performance if they haven’t seen it live. This isn’t right or wrong, it is just ‘my’ view. The other thing that is worth considering is that fans who pick and choose their games, tend to go the more attractive fixtures such as Manure and Redscouse. These are games we are less likely to win. So anybody who sees a player on a couple of occasions against the best opposition in the country will have a different view on a player, than a fan who sees him week in week out. For example, any fan who chose to go to the redscouse bore draw last season as their yearly visit to VP, will have left thinking what a pile of pooh. My opinion was that Redscouse are one of the best teams in the league and that in reality there was not a lot between the two teams. The pick and choose brigade may have thought, what a crap game, I will not be going again until the team improves. My thought was that if we can prevent Redscouse from playing I can’t wait until we play the likes of Sheffield United at home, because we should be able to give them a beating. It is all about perceptions.

  • Finances surely has to be the prime reason for not purchasing a s/t? Even so the outstanding offer now being presented by the club for fans to purchase season tickets in the North Stand lower goes some way to blowing that ‘excuse’ right out of the water.

  • If we dont completely sell out of available season tickets for the North Stand lower, I think that it will pretty much prove conclusively that we haven’t got the support in numbers that we always pride ourselves on, either that, or that so called Villa supporters put AVFC way down their list of entertainment priorities.

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