Date: 19th February 2018 at 12:19pm
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I am a bit baffled (I am often baffled, life does that to me!) as to why the Wolves fans, who should be celebrating having the runaway best team in the league, are so obsessed with Aston Villa?

Are they turning into their rivals WBA in being #obsessed ?

What is funny having watched some of the stuff on twitter, most Villa fans really don`t get it or care either.

They were promotion rivals, now they aren`t, they are promoted short of a disaster and we are all playing for 2nd place. But local rivals? Not for me I must say. Although I do see the irony saying that and doing an article about them!

So many ‘mind the gap` posts at the weekend it was just funny. It only goes to prove my point, Aston Villa are and always will be – no matter where in the league we are – the biggest club in the midlands.

That for me isn`t actually enough to be fair, I always saw our ambitions as being higher, but nevertheless… we are!

And apparently we are to face a period of their massive superiority:

And a good chat with a Wolves fan, think we`ll agree to disagree on being rivals though!

Built on sand… and bitter!!!


12 Replies to “Why Have The Wolves Fans Become Obsessed With Villa?”

  • Give their moment in the sun!

    I agree, it’s pretty small-time, but typical of the lesser clubs in the Midlands – Coventry fans used to behave the same way during their golden age of finishing 17th or 18th in the top flight every year. Baggies have more

  • It certainly is – I’d have thought they would be more interested/excited by the fact West Brom are so bad and staring at relegation than what we are doing.

  • Wolves are so far ahead at the top of the league the media attention has turned to the race for 2nd and I’m guessing they feel a bit left out – hence the need to make up some rivalry that Villa fans just don’t feel at all. They have been far and away the

  • They’ve been very lucky with injuries – if they’d had injuries comparable with ours (Kodija, Jack, JT, Jack again) or if we hadn’t had those, confident we’d be above them.

    Even if we won this division I’d take no pride in it – we should never have bee

  • agreed garygaryshaw, the one called me bitter when I said it’s all being built on sand there, but it is. The loan system is a shambles I think.

  • It’s called taking the p**s something vile fans don’t like, they can can dish it out but don’t like it back.
    Has for injuries, the reason we haven’t had so many is because of the staff we have, the way we train etc, maybe the vile should look at their tr

  • Love this obsession, show’s them up for what they are. The ‘vile’ stuff is particularly funny, life’s pretty poor when you have to imitate our neighbours.

    As johnwolf might say, “inbred nonces, ay we”

  • You must have fat fingers Wolfy, surely that should be 1982 not 1952? 52 would be around the time you lot last looked good. As most Villa fans would say, good luck to you. I hope you do go up and stay there. This rivalry is all in your heads, I’ve never i

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