Date: 3rd December 2009 at 10:52am
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Ok, so here we go. Topic of the day!

I had a poll suggestion from GMVillan not long back – now live – asking if the Holte End spend too much time singing about Blues or not?

My personal feeling is they don’t exist unless they are on the pitch playing us, why spend so much time singing about our ‘cousins’ across the City when we have a fine team of our own to sing about and support? That isn’t a knock to them to be honest, just I want to sing about my team, not some local rival who apart from during the local derby, really shouldn’t matter to us at all?

Maybe one song, as the my old man song does contain Villa heroes in it, but apart from that, why should we be singing about them? How would that in any way help our players or motivate/help them during a game?

Opinions and poll votes required (by Vital law) I thank you!

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