Date: 7th August 2007 at 4:01pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Peter Rollason:

Why has transfer activity so far this window yielded less players than expected?

54% still have faith ‘We’ll get a couple of major signings before transfer window closes’

That left 22% voting that the Villa boss ‘has misjudged the transfer market’ after bringing in just Nigel Reo-Coker (looked a very decent addition against Inter Milan) and Marlon Harewood (ahem, didn’t look quite such a decent addition against Inter Milan but I’m sure we’ll give him time to prove himself!)

11% voted ‘MON has tried but been snubbed by big names’ although that is very contrary to what Martin O’Neill has said as he insists no one has rejected a move.

8% have faith in the boss and less in the board as they voted: ‘MON hasn’t got the funds’. Totally untrue that one, as far as I’m concerned I’ve had enough re-assurances and totally believe the integrity of the new owner and board. The money is there and Randy will back the manager. At the moment the manager has let them down in my ever so humble opinion.

And the other results:

MON has funds but doesn’t want to handle big name (2%)
The club, despite denials is operating a sell to buy (2%)
MON has got the players he wanted (1%)


41 Replies to “Why Such A Rubbish Transfer Window?”

  • It’s Not All About Signings For The Sake Of Signing A Player, It’s About Getting The Right Player For The Club!

  • MON has misjudged the market. He shouldn’t have let the likes of Olinjik, Ridgewell and Hughes leave without adequate replacements. Only now are Man City releasing players. WBA have signed 2 or 3 replacements before Davies will inevitably leave. I just can’t see how he will fulfill his promise of bringing in adequate replacements as he principles will still apply regarding cost & character of the player in question. Randy will regret not intervening and perhaps a british chairman would have forced the issue.

  • I sort of agree with your comments Gazvilla. I think the board should have had more involvement in the transfers. IMO once the players were identified by MON then the CEO should have had all dealings with the other club and players agent. MON should only have had dealings with the players themselves. This is not a judgment against MON but this is how transfers should be dealt with.

  • No one knows what’s going on, this is all speculation. City have signed mostly foreign players very quickly it will be interesting to see how they perform.

  • Im afraid too many Villa fans are becoming “little HDE’s”!. ie too much interference in transfer dealings. Before Randy bought the Club everyone applauded the fact that Randy was a “hands-off” owner who left his executives to get on with it. This is what now got so let’s judge at the end of next season whether the Club is still moving forward. I’m sure Randy won’t be a “happy bunny” if we’re not continuing to move forward.

  • I dont think he should of let them go but he did say he was letting everyone leave who didn’t want to stay but I dont think it meant everyone we ned some of them and he just let them go because they wanted out

  • It’s simple, clubs no we have money and are short of players. Teams will sell their players on the last day of the transfer window no problem at all, and we will get a good deal. Until then, they will play beggers with us and over price their players!

  • If money is available, no one has rejected MON then why do i see Harewood wearing the No 9 and not say Sneijder or an actual forward?

  • Gazvilla, we had a British chairman for 20+ years, where did that get us? Manure, Chelsea and Redscouse have foreign chairmen, has that stopped them spending? No. As for the manager, it’s probably harder not to have bought and be taking this stick, than it would’ve have been to waste the clubs money just to pacify us by buying for the sake of buying. Time will tell of course and while it’s frustrating, I honestly believe MON is putting AVFC first and not himself.

  • I keep saying this but, have some faith lads. MON is trying to buy long term class not just numbers. I believe he knows what he is doing. True the season does start on Saturday but that does not mean that we have to have a full squad assembled by then. I hope we get Gordon, Davies and Hoyte but we dont necessarily need them by this friday.
    Well said Stevew above

  • theres 3 weeks left as long as we got the side that finished last season to start we’ll do ok… have faith !!!

  • Gappy yhats ok saying that BUT what happens if we drop 6 points because we dont have a proper right back. We are not prepared squad size for the season.

  • last season when we was very thin we still managed to draw not loose. i dont see much changing

  • we havent droppd the points yet. i’m a great believer in crossin a bridge when we get to the bridge .

  • OK the way I see it we should now be putting the finishing touches to the squad. I would have liked the new right back to have played a couple of times, worked with the team, and that goes for the other signings we should have made, The big complaint last season was no time to bring players in, no time to work with them, well Martin you have done it this time. I am not talking about his ability as a manager and motivator, but he really should have sorted this out.

  • O’neill has misjudged the market, missed is targets, been turned down, not went after the right player, he should have signed so and so and thingmebob. Just how much top flight management as everyone got? Personally i will trust in O’neill.

  • SteveW – Your point doesn’t make sense. Yes we had a British chairman but didn’t have the spending power of Randy. If he did he wouldn’t stand around and watch what’s happening! Other foreign chairman have watched their money being spent so they didn’t need to get involved. We have Randy who has left it all to MON. MON hasn’t spent and left us in a precarious position. If Gordon turns us down and Taylor got injured we’re stuffed.

  • MON is crap at buying players and shouldn`t have sold as many as he has,but saying that he could play Sorenson at RB and still inspire his team to get a result.

  • I think we all dont think he should of sold all those players unless he was confident of bringing players in

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