Date: 23rd March 2010 at 2:24pm
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Booing and moaning? Best season for a decade or more as far as many are concerned isn’t it?

First part by voiceoftheholte, second part myself and deanovilla!

I think the debate about players playing out of the position that are known for, is interesting. (See the article comments for the start of this debate: Click Here )

We won the League and European Cup with a right winger at right back (Swain), a centre forward at centre half (Evans), a goal keeper who wouldn’t come off his line (Rimmer) a centre half who was originally slated by the fans (Ken McNaught), a journey man centre forward who had no real proof of being a great goalscorer (Peter Withe) and a central midfielder who couldn’t hit a barn door at 5 paces (Bremner). But they were a team. Not the best individually, but a team.

And last time I looked football was a team game. I too think that Cuellar and Dunne are the best central partnership. I can not understand having two right backs on the bench and a centre half at right back. I also think it is madness to play Heskey and Carew together instead of pairing Delfouneso with Carew. I do not like the 4 4 2 formation. I would much rather have a 3 man midfield and then give Young or Downing (not both) the license to go where they want.

But if at the start of the season you had told me that Villa were playing Guzan at centre forward and Agbonlahor in goal, but we would reach Wembley at least twice (maybe 3 times) and were in with a great chance of 4th with 9 games to go, then I would have ripped your hand off for that.

So little rant over.

I do not think we would miss Dunne for a game (or several games) and that is why we have a squad. For those who have booed because they think they know best as to what team should be played, should be ashamed.

We have the best defence in the league and fans are complaining because they are not happy because they think the right back is not as good as a player on the bench. Some Villa fans should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions.

That said, it would help if MON communicated to the fans exactly why Cuellar is preferred to the two right backs which cost a combined total of £7million. If he also let fans know why he plays two centre forwards when Heskey’s goals per minute is about about 1 quarter of Delfouneso it would help. If these two questions were answered that would hopefully placate the morons who think booing is the way to make the team play better.

With thanks to voiceoftheholte

I think I can hitch a lift on the back of this article and add what Deanovilla said to me earlier about this season. If you had told me we’d have done this at the start I’d have laughed in your face. But look at what we have done so far (I say so far because despite some real anger/frustration at the Wolves game, we’ve not finished yet. Ok, we might have the argument at the end of the season whether 7th and reaching a final and a semi are good enough. Conversely we might be debating what a great season it was to finish 4th or 5th and to lift the FA Cup. We are so close to the end of the season now, surely we can keep the faith just that bit longer, it isn’t as if Martin O’Neill is going to be sacked or leave at this stage (and nor should he). Anyway, as Deanovilla said, so far this season we have:

*Reached our first cup final for 10 years
*Reached our first FA Cup Semi Final for 10 years
*Beaten Man United at Old Trafford for the first time in 20 odd years or more
*Beaten Liverpool at Anfield
*Beaten Chelsea
*Beaten the Blues at the Sty
*Remained in the hunt for 4th spot and the FA Cup

With thanks to Deanovilla

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