Date: 8th January 2010 at 9:33pm
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It appears that the away game at DW Stadium v Wigan tomorrow is now in serious doubt after it transpired their undersoil heating broke at 5pm tonight.

There is a pitch inspection tomorrow morning at 8:30 after which a decision will be made.

As WH said in our forum, ‘Pitch Inspection at 8.30am tomorrow when the Referee inspects the pitch……got no chance with temperatures as low as -10 expected.’

Must admit, I was surprised with the state of the roads and the bad weather forecast that the decision was to hold the game in the first place, surely for the safety of fans all games should have been called off this weekend?

What a kerfuffle.

Thanks to Mat Kendrick of the Mail texting me a warning also, the more fans that can be made aware of this before some set off without realising, the better, so spread the word.