Date: 1st June 2008 at 11:49am
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Vital Villa asked:

Will Gareth Barry still be at Villa next season?

Seems the Villa faithful think not. Barry, who was tipped to be captain for England v Trinidad & Tobago in one of the most meaningless friendlies we’ve had in years before Capello turned to David Beckham, should be due back next week to hopefully thrash out his future with Villa.

41% voted ‘No, he’ll go for £15m’

24% still have faith and say that he will still be a Villa player because Villa will refuse any offers for him and with 2 years left, the decision does lie with the club not the player – that said MON has said he won’t keep any player at Villa who isn’t happy.

15% say he’ll be going but the price will be over £15million.

12% voted ‘who knows, just get it resolved!’ and 8% believe the situation to be totally in the balance.

One way or the other, it would be so nice to see this matter settled very early on in the transfer window.

Our latest poll asks if you would like to see James Milner back at Villa, mainly because I can’t actually think of anything else to ask right now so if you have a poll suggestion, shoot it along to me via pm as my email seems to be down right now!