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Win The Watch I Tormented Sir Alex Ferguson With – Heal The Fear!

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The raffle for fundraising to get me to Barcelona has started well, thank you so much to those who have contributed, what a fantastic community of fine folks.

To enter:

You don’t need to be on Facebook, just click ENTER as you scroll down the page and then you put in your email, a password and off you go. Two tics, maybe three.

And what do you win? The watch that I tormented Sir Alex Ferguson with…!

He kept pointing at his watch, so I was pointing at mine telling him my watch – could soon be yours – was better than his. Even the Man Utd players on the bench were in stitches – which I could soon be in if I can raise the funds…! (All done in good fun and without abuse btw, as most of you would know without me saying so!)

Go for it, you’ve got to be in it, to win it, and it helps me as well. I am not a big fan of the idea of fundraising as per my other article, see below, but this seemed something that was a bit different, and the help will stave off problems further down the line as obviously, for anyone, this is a big chunk of dosh.

The whole thing is a roll of the dice. I can’t go through my life, now this opportunity has arisen, thinking ‘what if’.

You can see more details here:

Filum Disease – Tag Heuer = Help The Fear!!

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