Date: 17th July 2018 at 3:26pm
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It has been a bit odd this year with the kit launch, because basically, there hasn’t been one.

So, this will pass as the kit launch as Dan of the Villa View is a Villa fan and he’s got up close and personal, well, up close anyway, with the kit.

Join Dan Bardell (@danbardell) in the club shop to take an in-depth look at the new Aston Villa home, away and goalkeeper shirts – designed by Luke Roper. Filmed by the expert who is Daniel Rolinson‏ @DanRolinson(available for video work)

12 lines to signify we were one of the 12 founding members of the football league. Nice little touch that. A nicer touch, for me, would have been blue sleeves, but I’m not a kit fascist, as long as they aren’t disgusting, I don’t really ‘care’… (and this is very far from disgusting, it has some lovely features) and we do have far bigger problems right now at Villa. Rubberised (yes, I think that is a word Dan) badge. And the nice logo on the back of the neck as well.

I do slightly disagree with Dan on one thing. The players last year, when with Under Armour, had tailored professional shirts. That’s as it should be. This year, the shirts they have are the shirts we have. This is unprofessional, cost cutting and nothing less than I’d expect from the way this club is being run. That isn’t Luke’s fault just to be clear but oh my lord, how the mighty have fallen. All the talk of a revolutionary tri party this that and the other…. pull the other one, the big boys we were with no doubt at all wouldn’t deal with this level of… sod it, back to the kit:

Join us in the The kit discussion thread, or don’t, see what I care!

Now we just have to hope we have some players left to play in them.

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2 Replies to “With The Lack Of A Kit Launch For The New Aston Villa Kit – Thank Goodness We Have The Villa View Getting Up Close And Personal”

  • The home shirt is a thing of beauty. In fact, I am considering selling one of my kids on eBay to buy one.

  • Never been interested in these kit launches to be honest, in seasons gone by its all been a bit OTT trying to keep us in suspense. If it looks good people will want to buy it anyway, launch or not. Is there any date on when the 3rd kit will be revealed?

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