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“Won’t Be Here” “Shocked If We Keep” – These Villa Fans Panic About Stars Future After Leicester Loss


With the fallout continuing from last Sunday’s Premier League clash with Leicester City at Villa Park, the reaction to the 4-1 defeat continues to feel somewhat over the top given their quality and the form they have already shown during the 2019/20 campaign.

There are obvious concerns for Aston Villa fans though, and they do speak for themselves and that’s even if you allow the caveat we are in reality only six months in given the upheaval our squad saw over the summer, and players are still settling in.

Given most seem to accept Leicester could’ve won by a greater margin though, plenty of fans on social media couldn’t disagree with Jack Grealish’s words following the game, but even though he highlighted the run of fixtures we are now on should return more points – and we need to believe that – a number thought he looked thoroughly dejected and felt it implied he would be moving on next summer.

Annoyed and deflated, absolutely – the team should be after a result like that – but I’m not sure why it spans to next summer as we’re one window into our top flight revamp and there are plenty of positives, even at this early stage. Patience and balance can be a wonderful thing.

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