Date: 24th May 2018 at 3:30pm
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John Terry’s future at Aston Villa has long been a topic of speculation in the press and well covered on this site.

With varying theories, talk of a 12-month extension already being in place and even the possibility of a player/coach role being open for discussion, the Birmingham Mail are one of many to now suggest that Terry could in fact make his 12-month extension conditional on a ‘no play clause’.

Aston Villa Star Confirms The Scenario That Would See Him Stay At The Club

The ‘no play clause’ specifically relates to his stated desire to not face Chelsea given his association with them.

Whilst this tidbit of news might be new to the media, it’s certainly old hat amongst fans as the possibility of Terry ‘going missing’ for two games a season has already been debated, and fans were largely perfectly happy for him to rest up when we faced Chelsea.

Steve Bruce himself joked about the possibility in such a way he was open to it and wouldn’t be fazed.

Football contracts are funny things, but I’d very much doubt Terry would feel the need to have a clause included, that would be a ‘gentleman’s between him, Bruce and Keith Wyness.

I don’t believe, even if that was added to his new deal, that fans would bat an eyelid – few did when the topic came up in February but you can guarantee the social media warriors will be out in force with their faux indignation and the red tops will lap that up.

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7 Replies to “Would Villa Fans Begrudge This Terry Request”

  • No probs at all. He’ll be 38 next season and playing at a higher level than this season (hopefully), so it makes perfect sense he won’t be able to play as many games (bare in mind he only played 34 games this season), so I think we may be lucky to get 30 games out of him next season.

    Rest him for the Chelsea games and a few others. Happy days.

  • I hope we re-sign him as think he has been brilliant for us, but what happens if we play Chelsea in a cup final or Semi, or even an end of season game when we need the points. He couldn’t really expect to sit that one out surely?

  • He plays when he wants, he plays when he wants, he’s Big John Terry, he plays when he wants! And that’s just fine by me.

  • Not that fussed, but do have sympathy for Cropped’s view. It’s a man’s game (well, ladies play as well, but you get my drift!) so man up, play!

  • I don’t believe he would actually ask this. It’s paper talk. Bruce said it off the cuff, flippant, tongue in cheek. He’s Villa now. I reckon he’d line up against them no problem.

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