Date: 25th January 2018 at 3:25pm
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One of the press associations chief writers has tweeted:

So the gate-plagued striker Ross McCormack makes his way back from Australia to the UK where he`ll have to have talks with Aston Villa about his future.

Our poll asks if you would give Ross another chance.

Melbourne City are still hoping to entice him back but surely he will find a place back in England now having scored 14 goals in 16 games down under?

The question is. With Villa looking for a striker but having no money, having spent £12million or more buying Ross in the first place, would he not provide great cover for the in-form Scott Hogan?

Yes, yes, he did this, that and the other and his attitude after his big move to Villa didn`t exactly go well, but he`s now fit, has found his shooting boots and whether people like him or not, should we not be using this asset unless a top money offer comes in for him?

Gabby Agbonlahor always got second, then third and fourth chances. Why not Ross? All we need to do is keep him away from gates isn`t it?


24 Replies to “Would You Give Ross McCormack Another Chance?”

  • I’d use him, he might be fired up now. Just keep him away from gates or show him where the manual override button is!

  • Wouldn’t even make our bench right now.

    Then again, panicky types like me will probably call for him to be skipper when we next lose.

  • Absolutely not.

    All that matters right now is promotion. We seem to have a nice vibe in the dressing room at the moment, everyone singing off the same hymn sheet. Don’t need this prat messing that up.

  • He was amazing at Fulham, and I desperately wanted to see him do that at Villa, who knows, I’d personally have him on the bench as opposed to 4 midfielders.

    I had faith in Hogan, as he you could see his work rate and his movement off the ball, but we c

  • Got to play him to put him in the shop window. Could the good stroppy jock attitude of Snodgrass have a word round the back of the stand with McCormack’s miserable little jockinese attitude?

  • No. He’s not a No.9, he’s not up to the job (and the workrate required) of a ‘lone striker’ which it looks like we will be continuing to play even if Hogan gets injured. And no-one in their right mind would have him at No.10 instead of Grealish!
    Loan h

  • he has a reputation for scoring goals as well doesn’t he BB? Up to managers to manage players and Bruce doesn’t seem the shy sort for that sort of role (that is a compliment to him!)

  • People have said that about a fair few of our strikers HarborneVilla, but they seem to be able to score in other teams? And Hogan, now played right and with service, (who a lot were saying was s*** before) is also looking the real deal and scoring now

  • Fair points Mr. Fear, and I’m delighted that the team have started playing with the ball on the ground, it’s making us look like a team at last, plus proving right those who argued that Hogan has the talent, if only we play to his strengths…
    Ross McC –

  • its funny but if i was playing up front for villa and being played out of position or not too my strengths
    in a team playing one dimensional football i would be cheesed off,,,
    it could be ross is trouble or it could be he has little tolerance of poor ma

  • I think he should be given the opportunity to prove himself.

    He’s been the top striker at Champ level for a number of years before he came to us, and if he can put his differences with Bruce aside, he could be key in the run-in. Now we are playing a be

  • Please NOOOOOOOOOOO. In the 12 months+ since the gate incident happened, I cant recall once seeing Fat Ross give an interview where he has apologised to the fans or coaches and vowed to win his place back in the team. He’s just carried on with the aloof,

  • Beggars can’t be choosers, my heart says no. But my brain says yes. We need all the firepower we got. Not ideal. But being in championship ain’t ideal either. We need all the scraps for next 5 months.

  • I ve seen Ross play in Melbourne, some good goals but quite a few pens and defences in the Australian league are not half as good as championship, also been on the bench recently with a knock. Think he’s found a level and somewhere where he fits in well,

  • Depends on his attitude when he meets with Brice and his team. I’d ask him if he wants back in and if he thinks he can make a positive contribution towards our promotion ambitions. If he’s up for it let him train with the squad and see what happens. If he

  • I’m unsure. He’s had a few chances. If we get an acceptable offer I’d let him go and get a striker we can rely on in on-loan.

  • Absolutely deserves a chance. This is about management, Bruce has to open the door. Then it’s about the player, he has to take the chance and deserve the final 10 minutes of a game as a substitute as a start and if he does it right that 10 mins will bec

  • Looked like he lost a bit of weight between the first and last goals in that clip. His scoring record is pretty impressive in the championship. Has to be given the chance as we most likely won’t be able to get anybody in. If he returns to old ways then so

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