Date: 9th January 2018 at 1:22pm
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We asked on Vital Villa and on twitter:

Would you extend Hutton’s contract?

Poll Date: 08 Jan 2018
Suggested By: JP Fear

Yes 72%
No 28%

A few responses from our article comments were largely positive (us lot, being positive? Wow!)

We need to keep him. As said, always gives 100%, done a good job as cover for left back. Can think of a few others that need to be off the wage bill before Alan Hutton.
AV Dave

Definitely worth another 12 months with an added option of another 12 months I’d say. He’s one of our most consistent players and he can play on either flank. He maybe 33, but he shows commitment to the shirt every match, more than a lot of the others do.
Pride of Lions

Spot on, Pride. If we had a few more with his commitment we might be pushing Wolves.
Gut Prat & Ugly

Depends what division we are in. He just isn’t good enough for the PL, makes too many mistakes. If we stay in the chumpionship then maybe, but no point in having Bree, De Laet and Hutton.

Think you are right garygaryshaw, depends which division.
The Fear

Hutton at times can be poor but he has proved to be good at left back. It`s probably only a matter of time before he gets found out but as it stands he is a very valued member of the team and squad, to sell him is a question I never really thought about. I think de Laet and Elmo have the edge when it comes to using the ball in the oppositions half,, but Alan’s rampaging runs are great to watch. I used to hate Hutton but i have so much respect for him now. I would say keep him unless he really wanted to move,,,

You can see in our forum thread >> Click Here there are mixed views as well.

And more off twitter:

You can see in our forum thread >> Click Here there are mixed views as well.

And the no side of the argument:

I think not. He’s done a decent stint (can’t believe it’s 7 years – wow) and he’s getting on a bit now. If he’d accept reduced wages, and maybe a one-year deal, maybe, but otherwise, time to cut him loose.

Difficult one, with Bree being played as a centre back on Saturday it was hard to see whether he’s progressed or not. We can’t buy these young players on relatively large fees and not be using them really though can we?
The Fear

His style of play reminds me of someone running blindly up a cul de sac with no entry but nevertheless, they keep on running with no end result. Therefore, that’s a no from me.
Thomas Holte

No – at 33 he will soon lose his pace, which is a big attribute of his. Passion & commitment to the cause are great, but I’d rather De Laet or Bree ahead of him as I like my footballers to be able to pass the ball! Plus IF we get promoted, we all know he is not good enough to play in the Prem…


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