Date: 18th March 2007 at 5:14pm
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I had a dream once you know? Yeah, I’ll share it with you.

Believe it or not in this dream, football used to be played on a Saturday at 3pm and a Wednesday night at 7.45pm. You’ll never believe it, the dream gets even more far fetched. Those of us who wanted to were allowed to stand up, we could keep our bottle tops on our drinks and were able to sing loudly – throughout a game.

What a laugh!

Oh, and the dream also had players who cared for the game, you know, really loved what they were doing. They were allowed to tackle (technical term, where one player was able to get the ball off an opponent), push and show passion. They weren’t paid £40000 a week but that didn’t seem to matter, they gave 110% on the pitch, never moaned about being tired, certainly didn’t prance about with puffy diamond earrings and bling watches, but boy oh boy, could these fella’s play. It was a real mans game then.

And the game today?

Not one incident of note. Barry and Carew tried and Bellend had a couple of chances due to his pace but apart from that, both teams were dire, no real desire, certainly no passion and that was translated into a deathly quiet atmosphere.

I cannot believe how poor Liverpool were and how people rant and rave about good-in-one-in-five-Steve-Gerrard I’ll never know. If that is world class then there is hope for me yet. The game was just boring, ok I’d have taken a draw before the game but come on, this isn’t a cheap sport, surely we deserve a bit of entertainment, or at least more than 2 shots on target? It can’t be that hard can it?

I rambled before I left this morning Have a sinking feeling about today and have a sinking feeling about having a sinking feeling. Fed up with going to a game knowing the odds are totally stacked against us! Thought we’d see major improvements this season and just hope and pray next season with some new signings brings those changes, as this can’t carry on. 2 wins in 18 games is sh*te by anyone’s standards. Jeez, I really have got out of the bed on the wrong side. Still, everytime I give up we do well, so lets hope for a win today!

But no win was ever on the cards, to win a game you actually need to shoot, something both teams forgot.

Entertainment? 0 out of ten.
Skill? 0 out of ten.
Passion? 0 out of ten.
You get the picture.

That will do, nothing else to say about the game, if they can’t be bothered, then nor can I!

I feel sorry for the people behind the scenes at Villa, they try to tempt people back, we get a sell out and then there is that sort of a performance that will put off about 5000 of the floating fans from bothering again this season.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just in a bad mood today, but to think I let my mom down for that, makes me kinda mad.

Best bit of the game? The drive home, I put on Guns and Roses loud and imagined I was Lewis Hamilton, now there is someone who is dedicated to his sport!

Match ratings? Nah, lets not put ourselves through that agony.


15 Replies to “YAWN – I Had A Dream”

  • So is it me? Am I being grumpy? Do I expect too much? Surely both teams could have bothered with a few shots, maybe a bit of passion and interest? Over paid jessies some of these modern players! So frustrating!

  • I can’t believe how many games have finished 0-0 this weekend in the Premiership! Where is the entertainment factor?

  • Gone by the looks of it Merlin! I know not all games can be high scoring ones, but we could at least have a few shots on target! I’ve got my grumpy hat on today, just seemed a total waste of time when the players weren’t particularly interested on the pitch!

  • No it isn’t just you Fear, worst game I have seen this season, type of game where you are praying for the final whistle to put everyone out of their misery, in a word, DIRE.

  • One real bright spark was Berger. If he doesn’t get a start ahead of Mr “I can’t go past defenders” Agbonlahor, there’s something wrong.

  • Quite right Miss Aston..I was amazed he got a start today after his performance against Arse…we always look better when Berger comes on.

  • Was just as amazed at how bad Liverpool were in truth, thought they would be all guns blazing to finish as high as they could, but they just didn’t look interested

  • Another non event, in front of a full house too. O.K., so arguably a point was the all important end result, but as far as entertainment was concerned it was a non starter. Two teams who looked as if they’d rather have been anywhere else apart from at VP, attempting to entertain 42,000 supporters. As for the comments regarding Patrick Berger, I have to agree. At least he looks capable of doing something positive, something out of the ordinary, and at least he can pass a ball from a to b.

  • Why wasn’t Young playing along side Carew? Much was made of their understanding and yet Young was playing on the left! I’d play Berger from the start and bring Moore on for the last 25 minutes. No crosses for a guy that is so tall. Mccan worries me when he has the ball antwhere near our penalty box and Sorensen was shaky at best. All in all very poor. This liverpool team were woeful. I for one am losing my patience with the ineptitude on display. Lets hope we get the six points or so and then we can concentrate on getting rid of some drift wood in the summer.

  • Well i fell asleep after probably about 15 minutes. Glad i didnt really miss anything. Disappointed to hear this though. Even a loss, with at least a goal and news of a fighting performance wouldve been good. Hard to be pesimistic nowadays but i dont know how this season is gonna end

  • Crosses. Crosses. Crosses. Crosses. The few occassions we remembered to do this we looked like we might score. Has MON threatened the players with a fine of a days wages if anyone should dare to cross a ball into the box? Unbelievable. Everytime Berger has come on of late he has changed the whole attitude and look of the team in a mositive manner. Why is he not starting or at least coming on earlier if he’s not fit enough to play 90 minutes. The Stats say we had 9 goal attempts!!! Really? Well I only really remember 3 from Berger all in the space of about 5 minutes. BORING AS HELL! I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I decided to buy a “Final 5” season ticket.

  • Agree with Steve64k. The Carew/Young partnership, although in its infancy, had looked reasonably promising. Yet now we seem to have discarded it, throwing Ashley out wide. Why? We have to go for wins and the three points, yet today we showed a very negative approach.

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