Date: 6th March 2006 at 1:05pm
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Vital Villa asked, following a suggestion from message board member Fatloser, who is our best foreign signing (not including the Rep. Of Ireland, as obviously Paul McGrath would have wiped the board clean!).

Former Holte End hero Dwight Yorke won by a landslide with 70% of the votes. Seems, despite the acrimonous way he left, his footballing abilites and the fact he cost us nothing and raised significant funds with his sale, haven’t been forgotten.

8% said Juan Pablo Angel, 7% went for Mark Bosnich and Milan Boros with 6% to Nielsen and only 2% to the badge kissing Alpay.

I might repeat the poll at a later date and add Olof Mellberg and Thomas Sorenson at the cost of Alpay and Nielsen.


8 Replies to “Yorke Is Our Best Foreign Signing”

  • Very suprised Bozzie didnt poll higher. Plenty of great memories from Yorkie yes, but what about Bozzie and those panalty saves? Never forget that tranmere semi-final.

  • Yorke was a great player for us, there is no denying it. He costs us nothing to sign, speaking metaphorically, and we sold him for £12+million. He scored some fantastic goals and lit up Villa Park. However I can never forgive him for his badge kissing ant

  • Must admit, I wish Olof Mellberg had also been in the poll, maybe we’ll do another one and discount some of the lower rated ones from this one. On the other hand, maybe we won’t!

  • Nothing wrong with kissing the badge of the team you play for surely? I think sometimes we forget that no matter ow long a player plays for us if they aren’t Villa fans born and bread then they never will have the same affinity that we have with the club

  • Didn’t say there was anything wrong Deano, just that he was a badge kissing player!?! I thought he was quality, shame it turned around so quickly after his agent stoked the fire.

  • To run to the Villa Fans that had loyally supported him and idolised him and kiss the ManUre badge is wrong. Sorry you can’t see that Deano. Fine kiss his club badge but to do that just stunk of arrogance.

  • I suppose that the choice of Yorkie is difficult to argue with, but my personal favourite was Savo. Yes, I know his stay wasnt always sugar and spice, and that he left under a very dark cloud, but I still believe that he was a quality footballer. He certa

  • I agree he was quality, but it’s the way he did what he did to us that make’s him a w**ker in my book, ” go and stand over there yorke with solano you’ve both been naughty boy’s”

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