Date: 9th February 2010 at 3:39pm
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We had similar not so long back but the Official Site has more quotes from former Holte End hero Dwight Yorke asking for forgiveness and to remember the good times!

Yorke, still selling his book I assume, said ‘I’ve said you’ve got to earn the right for the Villa fans to appreciate you and over the years I think I’ve done that. The fans made me one of their favourites because of my performance on the football pitch and my relationship with them.’ Adding ‘The Holte End was very special, when you’ve scored and you hear the celebration and they are singing your name it’s amazing.’

Must admit, it was great fun singing along to the Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke (to the tune of New York, New York for the youngsters who won’t remember, then again, if you are youngsters, you’ll maybe not no that song either!) and see the Holte End swaying!

‘I couldn’t ask for a better club and Aston Villa will always be a very special part in my life and a club that I will continue to support and look out for.’

And on the forgiveness, he said he did have a special relationship and understands some won’t ever forgive him for leaving.

‘Hopefully the Villa fans will forgive me and see the reason why I moved on.’

You can’t really argue that when he left he did win everything possible at club level, it was gutting to see the smiley yorkie bar kid in the Man Utd top and that season if he’d stayed, we did flirt with the top places ourselves, but hey, I’d rather focus on the young lad who became a star for us and ignore the sorry end!

Mixed reaction on the forum to this, as you’d expect, although there are plenty of us who focused on the great times, not the sad end! For the thread: Click Here (contains adult language)

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