Date: 20th March 2007 at 2:56pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Faroe_villa_rules, who is Villa’s weakest link?

Surprisingly Gavin McCann got the most votes with 32%. He might not be champions league grade but I think he has played his heart out for us this season?

28% voted Thomas Sorensen
18% voted Stiliyan Petrov
9% are in my bad books for voting Olof Mellberg the bearded wonder!
7% voted Phil Bardsley and 6% said Mellbergs defensive partner/s

Our latest poll, suggested by Aspinall, asks which is your favourite Prem match of all time.


19 Replies to “You Are The Weakest Link!”

  • What’s everyone got against Smiler? I said Bardsley, but I would choose anyone playing on the right side of the field: that’s been our Achilles

  • What’s everyone got against Smiler? I said Bardsley, but I would choose anyone playing on the right side of the field: that’s been our Achilles heel this season.

  • i disagree with that, though the choices were lean, i went for sorensen, but saying that if the choices included ‘other’ players, i would have voted differently. we looked lost without gav earlier this season. saying that bothgav and tommy have played above themselves this year, tommy did the biz against redscouse on sunday, but neither of them are really the class that we’ll need to take the next step.

  • When we were flying at the start of the season McCann was outstanding and there were rumours of England call-ups,he picked up a few knocks and has really struggled during the bad run,could only think of Barton as an improved replacement who we could get ?

  • I’m all for freedom of speech and love the power of the Internet, but I do question the wisdom of this sort of poll. Whoever is the ‘weakest link’, we are effectively stuck with them until at least the summer, and maybe beyond if their replacement gets injured (it does happen: a certain M Laursen for example …). Providing the player is putting in an ‘honest effort’ (apologies to Mr D O’Leary), what is the point of us slating them on here? If they are good enough, they will stay beyond the summer. If not, why not leave them their dignity and accept their honest efforts in the meantime?

  • Well said BtheB. I would say that all players have grafted this season but that is the minimum expectation. We are just grateful that we have got the consistent effort levels for the first time in a few years. But it does go to prove that this effort needs to be married up with some quality to move to the next level. As for McCann I think he is the sort of player that will suit a mid table team. If you look at the top four, none of them have what you would consider a hard man. The interpretation of the laws of the game have changed over recent seasons to allow football to become more attractive. This means less hard men and more footballers. Take our game against Arsenal for example. Fabregaz and Denilson (footballers not tacklers) ran rings around McCann and Petrov despite them working their socks off. It wasn’t until we put Barry in the middle with them that we stifled them a little. McCann works hard and makes a few tackles but that is no longer enough at the top end of the league. You need to be able to put a foot on the ball, take control of a game, create and score goals and generally find your own man with the ball. None of these attributes apply to McCann. However whilst he is in a Villa shirt he gets my support because he gives 100% and that is all we ask. It is then up to the manager to decide if he has enough quality. Sorenson IMHO opinion is as good as anyone else in the division other than Cech, Van Der Sar and Given. I also think Lehman is a great keeper despite his barmy episodes (he has a bit of Bosnich about him). I am also going to upset Fear with my views on Mellberg. His distribution is shocking and he regularly loses his man when a ball is put into the box. On the plus side he has good pace. Is not injury prone and does reasonably well in one on one situations against most forwards. There are still many areas that need to be improved. But as we said at the start of the season, M’ON needed this season to evaluate and tinker with what he had to work with. Next season we should see the players seen as surplus to requirements being moved on and season three should then be a real indication of the direction the club is taking on the field. Off the field everything is as good as I can remember. So it is important that as supporters we continue with the groundswell of support that is now coming through the gates. We know there will be periods of frustration and disappointment but that is the same for 99% of football clubs. But it is obvious to all that Villa fans that we are a club on the way back. Be patient and the world will soon notice that one of world footballs oldest and biggest names is challenging the current successful regimes.

  • VOTH is totally right, McCann has been a consistent performer for us this season. Lot’s has been said about DO’L’s reign, and to be fair to him, I don’t think the stagnation started there, Gregory’s final season in charge was an absolute joke, and while many say that he was a legend, I can’t agree with that, to lose 2-0 leads to Man Utd and Arsenal in one season, and not turn up to the F.A Cup final is shocking, Taylor faired not much better, and the only reason why we all point fingers at DO’L was because he managed to finish 6th in one season and that somehow put a gloss on his first season in charge…however the signs were there that it had all begun to go wrong, 2-0 to Portsmouth, 4-0 to Man Utd, 5-2 to Bolton in the Carling Cup. So in reality, MO’N has to fix a club that has been stagnating for 5 years, and yes it will take time, but if we take a moment to reflect on this season as a whole, how many times can you honestly question the effort of the players on the pitch? I don’t think it’s that many, and this is based on having the majority of a team that finished 16th last season. The harsh reality of this is that if we want a Champions League team, there are people that we will need to replace.

  • cnt agree with that, yes Mccann has had some dodgy games however he has been inspirational grafting in the midfield all season! our weakest link is clearly creativity in midfield, and atm carew needs a strike partner! they are weakness the creativity side because defensively we have looked solid!

  • No problem Stevew, the extension will be finished by the end of next week. I’ve got an honest bunch of lads working for me …

  • The weakest link has gone. His name was H.D. Ellis. No player who has pulled on the claret and blue this season deserves to be bracketed with that man under the description of ‘Weakest Link’. Overall, they’ve given their all. O.K., we haven’t been good enough at times, we need to build and improve, but credit should be given to each and every player for his efforts.

  • We need to get creative midfielders in someone to spot killer passes that would make an instant difference.

  • I agree that these kind of polls are counter productive. I chose not to vote. Although Petrov was a waste of space on Sunday!!

  • Fear take note. Polls asking negative questions inadverdently isolate a player in the eyes of the fans. It is very easy to ask the question in a more positive way. Who has been our strongest link? Who is our best graduate of the youth system? What is the best feature of Villa Park. Realistically what players can improve Villa?What has been the best improvement made by the new board? etc Stop asking us to identify players we do not want!! At the moment we want them all and we want them grafting every game.

  • Agree utv-sotc, being negative right now is extremely counter productive. We all have our favourites, just as we have players we believe are not up to it, but from now on in until seasons end, every single player who pulls on the claret and blue has to get our 100% backing and support.

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