Date: 17th May 2018 at 2:30pm
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There is a bit of a debate in the forum today about the Aston Villa online ticketing service.

Some people got on with no problem, had to queue a while on the system, but were able to buy tickets. I was one of them, I found it easy enough. The only slight problem some might have encountered is, once out of the queue, you were directed to the general ticket page, mine was showing season ticket sales for instance. I guess most would have expected to land on the play-off final part I wonder if some users didn’t then click on the away sales and onto the play-off final page?

Anyway, barring a few disasters, hopefully most people are now happily sorted and ready for Wembley.

Aston Villa Take The West Side – We’ll Sell Out – We’ll Be The Loudest. Ticket Information.

It did lead on to the subject of how times have changed and these posts brought back some memories, including sirdennis suggesting: “Maybe we should go back to cutting vouchers out of the match programme and sticking them on a piece of card like the good old days.”

Villa Since ’63 reminisced:

“Oh how times have changed! I remember getting tickets for the Manchester United League Cup Semi-Final in 1970 on Sunday morning, getting to the ground at 4am, yes am! I joined the queue half way down Witton Lane stand (now the Doug Ellis Stand), with the tickets going on sale at 10am at the Trinity Road turnstiles, off the Holte. I got there early so as to get both home and away leg tickets. It was a was nice a touch that the chip shop in Witton Lane opened around 6 or 7 am and did a roaring trade. Kids today….never had it so good, sitting at the laptop, a cup of tea in hand, waiting in line for a ticket…..grumble, grumble!!!!”

garygaryshaw agreed, adding: “An hour waiting at the computer is nothing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had to queue outside VP for at least 4 hours back in the day.”

So there you have it, youngsters. You’ve never had it so good!


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  • I think the current system is just fine. I can well remember travelling around the West Midlands swapping ticket stubs for the Bolton FA Cup semi-final and then the Chelsea final. I’m much happier sitting with the laptop and waiting a while before sorting out with a few clicks.

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