Date: 4th February 2010 at 10:17am
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Tut tut, youngster caught being a plonker shocker!

Villa’s 18-year-old Nathan Baker, who is on loan at Lincoln City at the moment, has been selling his allocation of tickets for the highest price he can get and very stupidly did it ‘publicly’ on facebook according to

It was only a few weeks ago that Nathan was getting much better press with Lincoln boss Chris Sutton praising the defender to high heaven:
Villa’s Own John Terry?

AVFC have reacted quickly and correctly calling the youngster (think back to when you were 18 before judging I guess?!) calling him ‘foolish’ for his actions adding, ‘All of the players were made aware that tickets for the Carling Cup final are available for their own use only and, following this incident, the message has been repeated to them.’

The club spokesman also pointed out the defender is young and ‘he has a lot to learn’ adding, ‘His actions were naive and he is extremely embarrassed and regretful at having let down himself, the Club and Aston Villa fans. Any tickets that have been given or sold to players are for the use of their friends and family only.’

It appears players get 10 tickets each, in some ways that is a strange one as most players aren’t fans so it is pretty obvious that some might offload the tickets but hey ho, what do I know… DON’T answer that, I’ve a fragile ego at the best of times!

Nathan has apparently also apologised and is quoted in the stirrer as saying: ‘I appreciate that it is a privilege to be part of Aston Villa Football Club and one day I hope to play in the first team, but I understand that my behaviour off the pitch must speak as loudly as my actions on the pitch. I have been informed by the Club that I will no longer be receiving any tickets for the Carling Cup final and, while I will be sorry not to be able to cheer Aston Villa on at Wembley, I understand and appreciate that it would be inappropriate for me to have these tickets given my actions.’

Blimey I bet his Lincoln team mates are giving him one hell of a ribbing for this, the banter in dressing rooms is brutal at the best of times. I think the club statement is right though, he is young and stupid and will have learnt – I’m sure – a very important and for him embarrassing lesson not to let down his club.

Facebook… blimey oh riley, he could have done it a little less publicly surely! lol?!

First saw the link on Ian Robo’s Views blogsite: Click Here

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