Date: 11th October 2012 at 2:15pm
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Our last poll asked:

What do you make of the season so far?
Poll Date: 10 Oct 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

at an angle press conference

I have a few worries but in Lambert I trust 56%

lambert on touchline

Fine, nice style of play, total faith 19%

Lambert thumbs up

Very worried, relegation battle due 16%

On the fence at moment, ask in Jan 9%

Unsure 0%

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Initial article comments:

I’m on the worried but hopeful side if that is allowed?! Happy with the style of play, happy that fans are happier re: who the manager is, but don’t think we have the leader on the pitch yet or quite enough experience. Hoping the exuberance of youth will get us through and we can build towards next season and the extra £££ of the new tv deal.
The Fear

I’m happy with it, but fear we may get relegated, so a bit of a poll fail there.

aye, difficult to cover all options really! lol. Think happy but we’ll be relegated would have taken some explaining really!?
The Fear

Thought whoever we appointed we would be in for battle to stay up due to the low point they were starting from. Short of 50-60 mill. investment in players which would be unreasonable to expect . But delighted with Lambert as manager happy with style of play and even if relegated would want to stick with Lambert.So I went for worried but in Lambert we trust,would agree with you on a leader/midfield general being required Fear.

I am extremely happy, we look like we are trying to play so that we can at least challenge everyone we come up against which I love. Also the new and old players are still bedding in to PLs Villa. Highly optimistic for the rest of the year…

It’s just great to see us playing the right way, been so long since we have pressed and passed our way up the field. Its gonna be a tough old year but I feel we will get better. Silly little things punish you in the Premier League and we need to concentrate and be more clinical with passing and taking chances around and in the final third. We will capitulate and I guess get spanked a couple of times, but it is the only way to learn at this level. I think Benteke will start bagging them soon. Watched Bowery again against Newcastle and he looks the real deal, I hope he gets a few chances because I think there is a hidden gem there … very good young player to come through. Need to get points on the board from home games now. UTV

#alcoollie – love your optimism. Wish I felt the same. Next 6 games I will predict a total of 1 win, 1 draw and 4 defeats. A real ‘6-pointer’ against Norwich. Villa to remain in 16th or 17th place after 13 games.. almost 1/3 of the season. In January I trust!

Still trusting Lambert, but must admit to being a little concerned ATM.
Pride of Lions

I have total I had my panic period at the start of season but I can see the changes so I`m happy we are going in the right direction…I know Lamberts credentials as good or better than anybody on this board so I`m very confident we will avoid relegation and towards the end of season I think we will make a push which sees us land in a very safe, comfortable and respectable position considering the last couple years of poor form and especially in the context of last season… For me only an injury battering will derail us from having a half decent season… January will be key for us we need someone to compete with Ireland as its difficult to see who else in the team can be creative… N’Zogbia still hasn’t risen to the challenge but he shows flashes in small spells here and there… We need a LM and a creative mid badly IMO but I think it needs to be an established guy and not another lower league guy with something to prove however I would consider Wil Saha or the young Ince fella if they were available at a reasonable price…

I can see now why they stopped stocking books about Villa’s illustrious past in the club shop. They obviously think that the fans will get used to watching another tuppenny-ha’penny team and forget that Villa were once a big club. There is absolutely no sign that the present team are capable of playing at a higher level than they have shown so far this season. And just to add insult to injury, no pundit ever speaks the name Villa these days without pity or contempt. The manager has done nothing so far, except remove the captain’s armband from the only jewel left in Villa’s crown, tell us that it is so he can concentrate on scoring goals, and then dropped him from the team. So he could do better, a lot better.

Yes Fed much of what I hear about Villa these days breaks my heart no pundit puts in contention for anything other than a relegation battle… there’s no Villa could have a cup run, a spin at Europe or even a promising season… Alas… We must trust in Lambert and the Administration of austerity… Austerity a word which should be stricken from the dictionary and never utter in private or public…!

Very worried indeed. I like Lambert and rate him as a boss. but he is not a miracle worker and our squad is gash
We’re Not Fickle