Date: 6th July 2009 at 3:20pm
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Sorry I think I’m in one of those moods today…Amir Zaki has claimed that Villa failed in an £11 million bid for him in January.

He joined Wigan last summer on a season long loan deal from El Zamalek, and the Egyptian made himself a household name given some of his performances for them especially at the beginning of the season.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail he claims our bid was accepted by his club, but Wigan refused to allow the loan deal to be broken.

‘Wigan refused to get compensation as they had hopes to sign me and let me join another club later in order to make money.’

Implying the whole deal for Wigan was about making profit, and quick, which afterall is their right as players are assets, he points towards Palacious given the fact they signed him for one million and then passed him onto Spurs for £14 million.

In quite a harsh assessment of his time at Wigan, he continued:

‘Wigan is not one of the top four. All they want is to buy players for cheap and then make money by selling them to other clubs later.’

Which would be like players seeking moves for bigger wages and better signing on bonuses wouldn’t it.

Whether we were in for the player or not, I can’t help but read this and think he’s bitter Wigan haven’t signed him up properly?

I know his performances tailed off at the end of the season, but surely if we were in for him in January you would’ve expected us to be back in for him now, but the only link to the Premier League that his agent would let slip was one of the newly promoted clubs.

19 Replies to “Zak’s Not The Way To Do It”

  • Don’t need his personality to be honest, similar type player to Carew from what I have seen except with a little bit more pace, rather have JC though.

  • Wouldn’t want him – Bruce described him as the most unprofessional player he had ever worked with…and he worked worked with Jermaine Pennant!

  • looks like trouble … did look fan bloody tastic when he first came to the Premiership though!

  • Can somebody start writing headlines for this man? My “groanometer” has overloaded twice today already.

  • looks like Whelan will be showing him what it feels like to be on the wrong end of a boot after this outburst then! Im glad we didnt sign him! One season wonder! I hope Santa Cruz is the same!

  • He was a 10 game wonder. I would lose more sleep if we did sign him than if we didn’t.

  • I think we’re not interested in him now because he showed he’s a sulky primadona. Leave off the Sulk, we’ve got the Hulk!

  • dont like his personality but if he pays a decent half a season and gabby plays a decent half a season. we have 1 decent!

  • how come no press talk today? hangeland rejected new contract surely that paves the way for a move here i think he is the man to fill the void of laursen and we should get him at any cost 12M should do and his wages are only £15,000 a week at fulham our pay structure wouldnt even have to bend in the slightest what do others think?

  • i think we need to pay whatever it takes otherwise we could end up having a poor season if we dont get the right man

  • You had a lucky escape if my Wigan mates are anything to go by. No secret that the interest of clubs like manure and Arsenal tailed off pretty quickly when they found out what an idiot this man is off the pitch.

  • I dont want him after what Bruce said. MON would freeze him out within a month & where would that leave us?

  • TuBBz, that would leave us another 10-12M in the hole with another pine rider…. not worth it IMO. Agree with Fear that he looked bloody brilliant in the beginning but we don’t need some prima dona like this down VP do we?!? That Veloso chap sounds interesting from the bits I’ve read.

    To be honest I’d like to see a quality new signing in before too long – come on MON.

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