Date: 2nd August 2018 at 5:30pm
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The Sun journalist Mike McGrath is reporting that Chelsea could try to “hijack” Tottenham’s move for Jack Grealish.

There is very little detail in the report with just four short paragraphs talking about the story. They quote a Villa “source” that talks about FFP while suggesting a £20m offer may well be made.

Fans on Twitter are not particularly convinced by the reliability of the story:

Some supporters don’t think a switch to the Blues would be a good career move for Jack anyway:

The lack of detail from the Sun suggests there is very little in this. The Evening Standard are reporting that Spurs are “close” to agreeing a deal for the 22-year-old. The Premier League club had an initial £20m bid rejected by us, but the newspaper doesn’t detail how much their improved offer will be.

With the new owners we are under no pressure to sell on the cheap so hopefully, if an agreement is reached, the fee is north of £30m.


15 Replies to “‘£30m Plus Abraham’ – 8 Things Fans Are Saying About Club Hijacking Move For Villa Talisman”

  • 25 mil and Tammy. Good deal. Put in a clause if they sell him more then 50 mil we get a cut.

  • Look if Grealish has to go,and wants to go, we might as well sell him to the highest bidder if that happens to be Chelsea and we can get a deal to include Abraham’s let’s do what’s best for our future.
    In any case I believe he won’t get many starts at Chelsea or Spurs, but for me Chelsea is the better club and will be again this season.
    Come on I say again if Grealish wants to go and says so, then we need to get the best deal for Aston Villa.

    • whichever he goes to, he’ll be making a big step up from the championship level, his main problem will be, can he dislodge the likes of ali or hazzard? if he can’t he’ll go from main man to splinters in the bum from spending hours on a bench.

  • “we are under no pressure to sell on the cheap”, but you are under pressure to sell at a higher price ? Not sure what you are saying. Either you have to sell or you don’t.

  • Despite some tactical rethinking on our part and possible intervention by Chelsea, I think the plan is to sell Grealish. Whether Bruce is fully in on the plan, I am not too sure.

    Although no one should doubt floppy Jack’s ability, some of the figures being suggested for his signature are daft. If he was in such demand, more clubs would have had a nibble by now.

    Perhaps, only James Maddison, who moved recently, compares loosely to our man. What Maddison racks up with better goal and assist ratios, Grealish perhaps counters with his longer presence at a higher level in the game, including his greater international exposure at Under 23 and younger (Eire) and his excellent technique. Leicester picked up their man for a reported £24M, so I think that is really around the benchmark position, perhaps a bit more.

    Obviously, another suitor to join Spurs in the bidding should raise the sale price, but I fancy only to around the figure mentioned above. He will be unlikely to affect the first team league performances for either Spurs or Chelsea this season, being more likely a appear in early cup rounds, should he move on.

    The sweetener of a loan deal for Abraham might be an option, should Chelsea really be at the show.

    Whatever the price, his sale will be the best means to cut the FFP deficit, sad though it may be.

    • its gone on so long, spurs should now be told put up or push off abraham and£30 mill(with add ons) could improve us and not weaken us. another point i’d make, is that villa have too many strikers who pretty much play the same sort of game. at wembley when we went ariel, fulham struggled. maybe andy carroll for a year would give us an attacking plan b. i’d prefer us to be getting shot of hogan, his game means kodjia HAS to
      get us the goals

  • maybe tshibolahogan, richards could be lost in a ‘mysterious’ accident, that would sort out the wage bill.

  • I hear Bruce is after another four or five players to add to his two-dozen senior squad. Does than then put pay to the chances of the six to eight younger lads that had threatened to come through?

    Our gaffer only seems content if he has big player numbers around him (and paid big because we are a big football club). If he gets his early team selection right, then good. However, if we do not start well, expect him to fiddle like an amateur lock picker, frantically swivelling the combination barrels until he hears a click, much like last season.

    A big and lopsided squad threatens to be developed again. If Nyland joins, we have five keepers to match our five right backs. Although, you never know, he might bring Odubajo as well to give us a sixth man in that position – just in case. Yet, on the left side we have just the lacklustre Taylor. Not too many in the centre either, although old Mile can do a job. It all looks bloody confused thinking to me.

    I agree with others who are completely bored with the Grealish saga. Just move on, soon, please.

    There is some suggestion the Baggies may well take Gardner, so possibly they may also rekindle their interest in Bunn too.

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