Date: 4th February 2018 at 3:47pm
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Mark Richards said: ‘One of my favourite H&V features is the fives that are usually on the inside back cover (I`m old fashioned in thinking that there`s still a paper copy of every edition somewhere). I`ve written my own list of fives, but they`re a bit more Villa-inspired than the usual obscure eighties bands and Albanian bank holidays that get put out.’

(Used with permission)

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I wish I`d been:

Gary Shaw. And who wouldn`t? Just imagine, being twenty years old and the hottest property in European football. Not only that, but he had the run of the city. In Birmingham there was Gary Shaw and Simon le Bon. Le Bon took more drugs but Gary had more women. No contest. I often wonder if he realised how lucky he was.

Mark Bosnich. The same but twenty years on. More women than you could get through in a dozen lifetimes, drugs and there was probably a bit of rock`n`roll thrown in. A world class talent and even when he was washed up and couldn`t get a game for Chelsea reserves there was still Sophie Anderton to come home to. There`s been harder lifestyle choices.

Gabby Agbonlahor. A bit of a surprise choice maybe, but look at what he`s got – an absolute fortune and he hasn`t exactly had to work hard to get it. If I was him I`d have also made the most of the talent I`d have and then I`d have been some player.

Allan Evans. Not only was he a star of the European Champions, not only will his name be be mentioned amongst the very best Villa players of all time, but he`s also the nicest and most down to earth man you could wish to meet. I hope that if I`d have been as good at something I`d have been as modest but I doubt it. If I was that good I`d stop people in the street and tell them.

John Gregory. He might not have been our best manager ever but nobody has ever come across as being so downright delighted to be our boss- not Sir Graham, or BFR, or even Brian Little. He might have had the managerial equivalent of being in the right place at the right time but everything he did while he was here told that he was going to make the most of it. Some players play like we would if we got the chance, he managed like it.

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