Date: 26th January 2009 at 2:13pm
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1) So is the dream over, Arry The Orrible has left after saying he was Pompey through and through and your form seems to have been decimated?

I would not say ‘the dream is over’; when you are a football fan it is never over is it! I, I would guess like countless others, will still have plenty of dreams to dream… As for ‘Jamie’s Dad’, I have now washed my hands of him, do not like talking about him anymore – but will say I can see what I could, or many would not see about him before is now much, much clearer and I wish I had listened to those that warmed my about him! You know what I think of him J, as I have told you lol!

Yep, form is poor, it was not great under ‘him’ though either, so it has been an ongoing thing – at least we are consistent. Take away the cup win and the shocking former for 6-months or so before ‘he’ left and that was terrible. The thing that saves him, and us, as a club to a degree was the fact the media loves him.

2) Just how bad was it to see quality players like Defoe and Diarra being sold?

Diarra, for me, is almost a one in a million type of player for a club like Pompey, and many, many others. Trust me you cannot appreciate how good this fella is until he plays for your club and you see him week in week out – phenomenal is what I would say! So, gutted he left, but he was always leaving this month, anyone that thought otherwise was kidding themselves. I do not think we will ever see a player of his quality and type again at Fratton – yep, we will see quality players but not in his role, and not as good as him.

Defoe? Goalscorer, something that everyone needs, but he just does not do enough to help him teammates – when he is interested he is on fire, when he is not he is a waste of space, and he was not interested for months! We are better of without him if you ask me, and this is not sour grapes – he made it clear he wanted out, he got out. Give me Peter Crouch over him any day of the week, had we lost him I would have been devastated.

At the end of the day though it is two big earners off the wage bill, two of the biggest as well, and this needed to be cut, add another couple to this when their contracts expire in the summer and this will help.

3) Tony Adams? Needs to be given time or needs to be given the boot?

Tactically he has been awful, and needs to learn very fast. Square pegs in round holes has not helped – with a few arrivals now he has round pegs for round holes so use them! I know that many, many, many want him to go – I stick by him. Maybe it is my liking for his genuine nature, honest intentions on his job and his no hidden agendas approach qualities that I like? These make him the complete opposite to his predecessor…

4) Are you worried about being dragged into the relegation fight (lets face it the league is wide open both ends this year) or do you have enough to avoid it?

I am not worried about being dragged into it, as we already are! But I am a more ‘glass half full’ type of person and look at it the other way, we are only a few wins away from the top 7 or so again!

5) What do you think of Villa, would you like to see us break the top four or even challenge for the title or couldn’t you give a damn!?

Very good side indeed without a doubt. O’Neill has quietly built up a fine side with you lot, he has not ranted and raved, boasted and bragged, moaned or groaned when short of players – he just let the football do the talking and the benefits are now being reaped.

Of course I would love to see a new side, or sides, break into the top 4, and had the true nature of our financial position not been known – paying the price for ‘his’ spending now – I really thought we ‘might’ have been on for this in the near future… That said, Arsenal look to be the side that would drop out, but I have to confess I would not like to see them do that.

6) If you could have one or two of our players (you can’t!!) who would you have and why?

I can tell you now I think there would be more than ‘one or two’ that I would take! Creating from the midfield, and getting goals from this is our main problem, so I would have to say Gareth Barry – damn you O’Neill, had you not turned up when you had we would have signed him too… Of course Laursen, Davies, Young, Milner, Agbonlahor and so on and so on would be nice too!

7) Who would you send in the opposite direction?

Richard Duffy! What a bloody waste of space this fella is. He must have signed the longest contract in history, and had a record number of loan games away from a club but never leaves – his contract is up in the summer, so have him then if you want, for a couple of footballs you can have him now!

8) What is your prediction for the game?

They are usually good games when we play – and often there are goals. I can recall a few decent goalscoring draws in recent times. As much as you are going for the title, at worse a champions league spot, our need for points is greater than yours – we usually perform better against ‘the better sides’, and you are one of these.

I got off my ‘death bed’, and no it is not ‘man flu’, at 5am on Saturday to travel up to Pompey from Devon home – Pompey born though – walking, taking buses, trains then being meet nearer to Pompey, and it nearly finished me off… crawled back into another in my Pompey base at the moment and so badly want to crawl out of it again for tomorrow night, but I ‘might’ have to pass, either way my heart is ruling my head here I reckon, but a Pompey win!

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I would wish you luck but you’d know I was lying. Hope it is a good game, always enjoy reading Vital Pompey, you have a great community here.