Date: 3rd June 2009 at 2:24pm
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An open letter to villa fans from Upthevilla_83

Dear Fans

I as a loyal fan, would never leave this club. It is so true to my heart that I bleed claret and blue. The support we get week in, week out is immense, away days are great always in good banter and we fans are always ready to sing a song for you, about you.

So, players come and go, earn a little or earn a lot but your loyal fans will never leave. We could all be made unemployed tomorrow (sadly in the current climate could be possible) yet we would still support till our dying days.

Come rain or shine, 6th or 20th we will still be there.

So its Hi Ho Aston Villa
The team that we will never let go



12 Replies to “An Open Letter From A Villa Fan!”

  • This club is far bigger than Gareth Barry. Hes been amazing for 12 years, but its time for fresh hungry faces. Enjoy the money Gareth and lack of european football. UTV

  • Well said ! We are Aston Villa – a club of pride, identity, integrity and a soul ! A top flight football club like ours are a dieing breed these days….

  • My sentiments entirely!!! however, we also have a section of moaning gits and i guarentee they will be slagging Barry off and MON will be villified until the moment he produces a rabbit out the transfer hat!! I am not one of the moaning gits and i say” good luck Gareth” and to MON “i still have faith”!!!

  • If only your letter were true. 6th or 20th we will still be there???? Yeah right!!!!! We couldn’t fill our ground when we were in the top 4. We all know as soon as we are in the bottom half of the table the fickle fans go back into hiding.

  • Kuffit most of the moaning gits and people who were booing towards the end of the season are the Johnny Come Latelys who were just hopping on the band wagon. Dont worry the true fans are not as thickel.

  • By we I think he means the true fans like you (I assume) and I. Fickle fans can come and go, most of them just chat crap and annoy me anyway

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