Date: 25th January 2007 at 3:19pm
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Juan Pablo Angel says there is a new era at Villa and he wants to be part of it.

The Columbian striker said: ‘I’d like to be part of the new era. But those things you can’t control. I wish I’d had the chance to have worked with Martin before, but that’s the way it is. It only came around this year when we got the new owners and although there have been big changes, they have already proved to be a massive hit.’

‘I personally believe in the next few years this football club will change a lot. People are getting a bit excited about Villa but things won’t change overnight. It’s going to take time and it’s going to take years to make it a major club and a major team challenging for honours.’

Angel continued: ‘The manager knows what he’s looking for and he’ll build the squad over a period of time. Obviously it’s even better when you’re doing well to start with because it gives you more room for improvement. Anyone with any footballing knowledge knows it will take a few years to develop a proper squad and I’d like to be part of it, but only time will tell.’

And on his future he says ‘I haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen. The manager has been trying to do an assessment. He knows some of us already and at the back of his mind he knows which players are going to be a part of the future or not. Only time will tell. I would like to be here, without a doubt.’

Be interesting to see how Angel can do playing up front with Carew to feed off and Young/Gabby on either wing, still not sure I rate his chances of staying beyond the summer though, what do you think?

Angel has 7 goals this season (4 Prem, 3 League Cup) and has started 18 games, been on the bench 6 times – coming on 4 times. He has also been replaced 9 times.


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  • I like him and hope he stays, he may not be scoring as many as we would like but his defensive play is good as is his attitude. I hope that maybe being fed by john Carew he will do better.

  • I hope so too, would be nice to see JPA get some confidence and form back, especially if he starts banging the goals in again. I suspect though, that this is the beginning of the end for JPA at Villa.

  • JPA seems like a decent guy. He was treated shabbily by the club when he first arrived but he has always given 100%. I happen to know that he is thoroughly decent to supporters who demand his time away from the ground and that he goes out of his way to lend his time for good causes. The bloke is a thoroughly decent professional. However I think we may have had the best of JPA and his time is coming to an end. Lets hope that if we are not to see the best of him again, that when he leaves he goes with all our best wishes and gets the send off he deserves. I believe he is right about the future ….. it is bright……. I suspect though, not for him, well not at the Villa.

  • Well JPA, I thought I was the optimist.I have never willed a player so much to be a success, as I have you.Actions speak louder than words,so if it means becoming more ruthless…do it because times a tickin!

  • Sorry JPA but the future will be much brighter when you are replaced by a younger, quicker, hungrier striker!! JPA is the slowest striker in the Prem and is well past his sell by date I’m afraid

  • Yeah, JPA gets an “A” in effort and likeability; it’s his “C” average in applied skill that gets me down. If he could just have whatever Drogba’s been having for breakfast these days, he might be alright. But I think he’s on borrowed time now. But, like us, MOL must just have a soft spot in his heart for the guy.

  • Not too sure or convinced that we should be saying our farewells to JPA just yet. He may have a role to play if he can form a partnership with John Carew, and start receiving the type of service from out wide that has been denied him for a large part of his Villa Park career. I hope he’s around for another season or two yet.

  • well said glensider i dont think we should be off loading too many players before we need to especially the costly 1s class dont just disappear he’ll be back ???

  • Just hasn`t got it,just not good enough and it`s a shame as he`s really tried to adapt to the Prem,1 good season will not make him a Villa legend but he`ll be remembered fondly but costly!

  • The futures bright but is the fiture Columbian, Berger has above anyone else shown that MON is willing to allow players to Prove themselves, ergo Berger played after a spat with the manager and Lee Hendrie has not. MON has his head screwed on If sending Berger to see Stoke kicked his ass then you could assess the same never happened to Hendrie.

  • Like most I’ve willed this guy to be a Villa hero. He started well this season and then went downhill and has been pretty damn awful recently from what I’ve seen. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens if he plays regularly with Carew. Maybe we shouldn’t see him as an out-and-out goalscorer any more – that should be Carew’s job. But, at times his link-up play and touch is excellent (disappeared lately I agree). Maybe he should be seen more in the Sheringham category?

  • I find myself agreeing with VOTH AGAIN!!! My son paid for one of those special tickets last season, you know, meal, box and get to meet some players. JPA came down and my son reckoned he was great, really friendly and chatting with everybody.. My son had his picture taken with him and he is really proud of it.

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